Pallet of Salt: Buying Ice/Snow Melt In Bulk

Pallet of Salt: Buying Ice/Snow Melt in Bulk 


Introduction to Pallet of Ice melt/Pallet of Salt 

What is Ice/Snow Melt?

Before discussing what a pallet of salt is and more, it’s important to define some terms. Ice melt or snowmelt can be defined as a product applied on top of snow/ice when it has already formed. Ice/snowmelt can also be applied before snow or ice forms to prevent formation. 

When applied in advance (before snow forms), ice melt or snowmelt works by lowering the water’s freezing point and preventing the formation of ice. When applied to already formed snow, ice/snow melt works by breaking up formed ice/snow into liquid form.

Does Salt Melt Ice?


Yes! Regular salt can melt ice on contact by forming salty water, which dissolves more ice/snow. Salty water has a lower freezing point when compared to water. This simply means salty water requires much lower temperatures to freeze than pure water. What’s more, the concentration of salt will determine the freezing point. Generally, the higher the saltwater concentration, the lower the freezing point. 

However, salt on its own can only lower the freezing point to a certain extent. Generally, the freezing point of salty water is approximately zero degrees Fahrenheit and won’t lower the freezing point further. This explains largely why ice melt is composed of other ingredients besides regular salt (sodium chloride). 

Do I Need Ice Melt?

You need ice melt for several key reasons. First and foremost, it is more effective for melting/preventing ice/snow formation than regular salt.

If you buy high-quality ice melt, it will be safe for your pets, grass, and surfaces. Regular salt can harm your pets, grass, and driveway or sidewalk surfaces like concrete. The best snowmelt has been formulated to be effective but still safe.

Buying ice melt also prevents losses from insurance suits. Regular salt can damage other people’s walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and lawns. It can also harm their pets resulting in expensive lawsuits. Property owners are responsible for acting responsibly and using safe products in their homes.

What’s more, ice melt is affordable. It is cheaper to buy ice melt than use regular salt. What’s more, you avoid costly risks like lawsuits, damage to your driveway, lawn, etc. 

Benefits of Buying Ice/Snow Melt in Bulk: Pallet of Salt vs. Pack of Ice Melt

Since the benefits of using ice melt in preventing the formation of ice/snow are already evident, let’s shift our focus to why you should buy ice melt or snowmelt in bulk.

  1. Save Cost: Since you will need ice melt during winter, it makes sense to be proactive about cost. To get the best deal, you should buy a pallet of salt (ice melt in pallets) as opposed to buying in smaller quantities. Like most things, ice melt is cheaper when bought in bulk.
  2. Avoid Inconveniences: When you buy a pallet of salt, you also avoid running out when you need the product the most. Since ice melt is in high demand during winter for obvious reasons, it makes sense to have enough to outlast the longest winter season. You are also assured you will get high-quality ice melt which tends to be scarce when winter starts. 

III. Guaranteed Safety: The only way to ensure you don’t run out of safe ice melt during winter is by buying in bulk. In most cases, when you run out of snow-melting products, you are forced to buy low-quality ice melt, which poses risk to your lawn, pets, driveway, etc. Stocking up pallets of ice melt before winter starts is the best way to avoid low-quality ice melt products.

Choosing the Best Manufacturer for Bulk Snow/Ice Melt

Buying one or several pallets of salt isn’t enough. There are very many ice melt manufacturers today, all of whom claim to make the best products. However, having a pallet of salt to last you through winter doesn’t mean much if it is low quality and potentially harmful salt. So, how do you select the best ice melt manufacturer known to make high-quality ice melt?


I. Experience

The best bulk ice melt manufacturers tend to have at least a decade of experience in the industry. More experience is always better. Before you buy a pallet of salt for melting ice/snow, ensure it has been manufactured by one of the best U.S. manufacturers of bulk ice melt like NorthRock Minerals, which has been operational since 1993 and sells an extensive product line of ice and snow melters tested and proven to work.

II. Global/Nationwide Presence

Your ideal snowmelt manufacturer should also have a nationwide presence to ensure you have a constant and reliable supply of ice melt when you need it. Ice melt manufacturers like NorthRock Minerals serve all states in the U.S. and beyond.

III. Product Variety


The ice melt manufacturer you select should also have a variety of products to serve different needs. For instance, they should have pet-friendly ice melt, ice melt that works effectively at extremely low temperatures. The product variety should also include products that don’t corrode driveways or damage lawns. What’s more, they should sell ice melt in different quantities i.e., packs and pallets.

NorthRock Minerals has one of the best ice melt product varieties composed of rock salt, a product that works at –25 degrees (Pellets of Fire), a green/environmentally friendly ice melt safe for pets and vegetation, and more.

IV. What Customers Are Saying

You should also buy your pallet of salt for melting snow/ice from a manufacturer who is highly recommended. The best way to get firsthand information about the effectiveness of different ice melt products available today is to see what past and current customers are saying.

V. Cost/Pricing/Value for Money 

Lastly, you should select a manufacturer that offers value for money. High-quality ice melt shouldn’t be exceedingly expensive. While it costs more than low-quality products, focus on how much product you need to get the job done. Choose manufacturers who make ice melt that is very effective in small quantities as such product will last longer and offer more value for money.

How to Store a Pallet of Salt 

Once you buy your pallet of salt, it’s time to store it properly to ensure it lasts throughout winter and beyond. But how do you store ice melt in bulk? What are the ideal conditions for storing de-icing salt or rock salt?


Tip 1: Store in Airtight Containers

While de-icing salt sold in pallets is likely to be in airtight packaging, open packs should be stored in sealed airtight containers or bags. Leftover ice melt that isn’t stored properly is bound to absorb elements like moisture which reduces its shelf life and introduces other risks. As a precautionary measure, the pallet can be covered using waterproof plastic covering to prevent air and water damage.

Tip 2: Store in a Temperature-Controlled Environment

If possible, bulk ice melt meant to be stored for months should be in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent salt clumping. Moist salt is bound to form clumps which interfere with its effectiveness when applied on ice/snow. You’re also bound to use more products if the salt clumps. Your garage can be a good storage area, provided it stays cool and dry with very little humidity throughout your storage period.

Tip 3: Store Bulk Rock Salt and De-icing Salt Away from Pets and Children


As mentioned above, you can get safe de-icing salt that won’t affect pets, vegetation, or humans. However, this shouldn’t be a mistake to mean you can store bulk salt as you like. De-icing salt is usually intense and is likely to cause symptoms like skin burns and mild rash when exposed to the skin. Pets can have stomach, throat, and bowel irritation when they consume rock salt or de-icing salt. As a result, store the salt far away from your kids or pets, preferably in a lockable room.

Tip 4: Store Away from Sunlight or Heat Sources

Direct sunlight or heat sources can cause chemical reactions making your de-icing salt less effective. The pallet of salt should be in a storage shed, basement, garage, or warehouse far away from sunlight or heat sources that can cause a reaction and render the ice melt ineffective. 

FAQs about Pallets of Salt for Melting Ice/Snow and Related Subjects 

How Much Does a Pallet of Ice Melt Cost?

It depends. The weight and size of individual packages that make up a pallet dictate the cost. Other factors also determine the cost. For instance, the ingredients that make up the de-icing salt will dictate the cost. High-quality ingredients will obviously cost more. Generally, ice melt costs $13 to $25 per 50-pound bag. However, the cost can fall outside this range easily based on quality, ingredients, and other factors like quantity. 

As mentioned above, it is cheaper to buy rock salt or ice melt in bulk. Most importantly, you should focus on the quality since the best ice melt works effectively in small quantities and is bound to be cheaper in the long run.

How Many Pounds of Salt Does it Take to Melt Ice?

Many factors dictate how much rock salt or de-icing salt is needed to melt a certain quantity of ice/snow. For instance, the temperature of the ice/snow will matter. Generally, a pound of sodium chloride can melt 46 lbs of ice at 30 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperature decreases, the effectiveness of ice melt also decreases. However, superior de-icing products like Pellets of Fire can work at extremely low temperatures (at –25 degrees).

The application will also matter. Salt that is well spread out and applied before snow/ice melts works faster in fewer quantities. 

How Many Bags of Salt Go on a Pallet?

A pallet of salt contains many bags. The exact number of bags will depend on the manufacturer and factors like weight per bag. Most pallets of salt contain 50 bags; however, they can contain more or less.

What Type of Salt is Used to Melt Ice?


It depends on the type. Rock salt is largely sodium chloride. However, the best ice melt or best de-icing products contain a blend of different salts i.e., calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. They may also contain other ingredients that make the salt last longer or be safe for pets and vegetation.

How Much Does a Pallet of Ice Weigh?

It depends on the number of bags in the pallet as well as the weight per bag. However, a typical pallet with 50 bags (weighing 50 pounds each) weighs 2,500 pounds. 

Is Ice Melt and Rock Salt the Same?

No! Rock salt is predominantly sodium chloride, while ice melt contains other salts i.e., magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, etc. 

How Long Should a Pallet of Salt Last You?

It depends on several factors like the area and the quality of the product you are using. If you buy high-quality de-icing products from manufacturers like NorthRock Minerals, you can use less salt to do more.

What Ingredients are in a Pallet of Salt for Melting Ice/Snow?

If the pallet in question is composed of rock salt, the main ingredient is sodium chloride otherwise, it could be other salts.

Can You Store Rock Salt or Other Ice Melt Once You’ve Opened It?

Yes! However, you must store it in an airtight container and temperature-controlled environment to ensure it remains effective. A pallet of salt should be stored as per the guidelines given above.

How Do You Store Bulk Salt Outside?

It’s not advisable to store salt outside since it’s extremely hard to control elements like sunlight and moisture outdoors. If you must store a pallet of salt outside, ensure it is in airtight containers and is properly covered to keep other weather elements away.

How Long Will a Pallet of Salt Last in Storage?

Salt can be stored for years, provided it is stored properly. If you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can store salt for as long as the expiry period.

How Do I Stop Salt from Clumping?

Salt in bulk should be stored in a temperature-controlled environment free of humidity to stop clumping. 



Top Salt Companies in the USA For Ice Melt or Deicing Products

Top Salt Companies in the USA For Ice Melt or Deicing Products

Overview: Salt Companies in the USA

Every homeowner needs to stock up on rock salt, ice melt, or other deicing products to keep their driveway, sidewalks, and other areas of their homes free of snow during winter. However, where you buy your ice melt or rock salt matters. 

NorthRock Minerals is among the top salt companies in the USA for snow & ice removal products. 


About NorthRock Minerals

NorthRock Minerals is among the leading salt companies in the USA for ice and snow removal products. The company is almost three decades old having been established in 1993. North Rock is headquartered in central New Jersey. However, the company’s products are available nationwide and beyond. 

NorthRock Minerals is arguably one of the largest salt makers in the USA and globally, given the annual output (millions of tons of snow melting products) used domestically and abroad. Initially, the company focused solely on rock salt. Approximately three decades later, NorthRock has an extensive product selection of seven products specially made for different applications and clients (residential and commercial).

Why Should You Buy Salt from a Reputable Salt Company in the US?

There are many salt companies in the USA producing countless ice-melting products. Why should you consider products from large reputable brands only?


I. Reputable Salt Companies Manufacture Salt that Lasts Longer

Most salt products are perishable. Once you open most ice-melting products, they don’t last very long. In fact, most leftover products won’t last until the next cold season. What’s more, the substandard product will get used up as fast as they are applied with no lasting effects. Since snowmelt or ice melt is a product that is poured on the ground, getting a substandard product that doesn’t last can be very costly.

Product packaging also matters. Top salt companies out there will have properly packaged products that can be stored for next season with little to no deterioration in quality. Even if you stored such salt openly, provided it is sealed perfectly as required by the manufacturer, it won’t let in moisture or become compromised by other weather or environmental elements like UV rays.

II. Ease of Application

A reputable ice melt manufacturer thinks of everything, including how their products should be applied. The best products are easy to apply. While it’s easy to forget where you have applied when using products from less-known salt companies, you’ll know when you apply high-quality ice melt because of its distinctive properties.

III. Efficient Product

Leading salt companies make products that work fast. Rock salt from top salt companies in the USA like NorthRock works quickly. The salt melts ice effectively and does so over a prolonged time while offering traction. Most importantly, the salt works in the most extreme temperatures.

IV. Products that are Safe for Surfaces


Big salt companies in the USA that manufacture ice or snow melting products have the research and development capacity to manufacture, test, and refine products to ensure they work perfectly without damaging the surfaces they are applied on.

You should buy products from reputable brands because they won’t damage your driveway, sidewalk, and other surfaces they are applied on. Leading snow/ice deicers can be applied on wood, concrete, stone, or other surfaces without damaging them.

Since salt is corrosive by nature, leading brands add anti-caking ingredients to lower corrosiveness. If you are buying rock salt from a leading brand, rest assured it will have anti-caking agents in the ingredients to protect your surfaces.

V. Cost Benefits

Substandard ice melts may appear cheap initially. However, if you need to apply twice as much product to get the same result as a high-quality ice melt, you are bound to spend more. What’s more, reputable salt companies in the USA, renowned for their high-quality ice melt benefit from economies of scale. Large-scale production of rock salt, among other ice melting products, comes with cost savings that are passed on to customers.

The products are also safe for your surfaces which eliminates additional repair costs. You don’t need to redo your driveway or sidewalk after a few years because you used substandard corrosive salt. Toxic salt can also damage your plants and soil, attracting gardening costs. Reputable salt companies produce high-quality products which have direct and indirect cost benefits.

VI. Guaranteed Supply

You need ice or snow melting products urgently in most cases. Reputable salt companies have a presence nationwide, ensuring you get the product when you need it. Little-known ice melting brands go out of stock, often leaving you stranded. To avoid being a victim of supply constraints or mixing products and introducing other risks, stick to reputable products only whose supply is guaranteed nationwide. 

NorthRock Minerals products can be bought nationwide in the USA in bulk quantities. Whether you want the salt ahead of winter or run out of ice melt in winter, you are assured of getting NorthRock Minerals products across all states.

Choosing Salt Companies in the USA for Ice Melt


The above information summarizes why you should consider reputable salt brands only. However, how do you pick the best salt companies in the US from the rest?

I. Check Online Reviews

The best salt companies will have overwhelmingly positive online reviews. Before selecting a company to buy ice melt from, do some research online and see what other people think of their products. 

While negative comments are inevitable from disgruntled clients or competitors, focus on companies with more positive than negative reviews. Past and present customers should like their customer support and products. Online reviews can reveal as much as the safety of the products. 

II. Check Product Variety

You want to buy ice melt or snowmelt from a company that has a wide range of products. For instance, the company should have liquid ice melt and solid ice melt, among other forms, such as solid pellets of different sizes since different forms work better for different purposes.

For instance, solid ice melt is great for absorbing moisture from the top, permeating downwards, and generating a brine (solution) that softens ice to the ground. Liquid ice melt is great for you if you want to prevent ice/snow from sticking on your driveway or sidewalk. 

Besides product form, the company you choose should have products in different shapes as they work differently. For instance, round/evenly shaped snowmelt removes ice better than irregularly shaped particles. Regularly shaped ice melt will melt downwards and evenly cut through the ice faster. Irregularly shaped ice melt melts horizontally, taking more time for the particles to penetrate. You should be able to choose variety down to the shape of the crystals.

What’s more, the product selection should be need-based. For instance, you should get products that work perfectly for specific temperatures. There should also be varied based on safety. For instance, you should be able to buy ice melt that doesn’t corrode your sidewalk, harm your pet or destroy your vegetation.

III. Detailed Product Information (Ingredients, Usage, etc.)

It’s also advisable to buy products from salt companies that let you know exactly what’s in the ice melt. You can judge the effectiveness and safety of snow-melting products by checking the ingredients. The label and ingredients also provide valuable information such as the best application for the product, how to use the product, storage, and more.

For instance, you can judge the working temperature of the ice melt based on the ingredients. Calcium chloride will work perfectly at –29 degrees Celsius or higher temperature. Potassium Acetate and magnesium chloride are also good for extremely low temperatures (-26 and –23 degrees Celsius, respectively). Ingredients like sodium chloride and urea work at temperatures as low as –10 and –7 degrees Celsius. Ingredients like sand will indicate that the ice melt offers better traction.

Salt companies that offer their customers detailed product information make it easy for customers to choose the perfect ice melt for their needs.

IV. Check Industry Standards


Information about the ingredients and usage isn’t enough. You should buy ice melt from salt companies in the USA that meet industry standards. Their product packaging should have the relevant stamps or seals that validate the product’s safety standards and other related information.

There are standards that must be met by products characterized as surfactants, chelating agents, solvents, etc. These standards must be met, and the relevant federal validation checks present to show product toxicity, physiology, etc.

FAQs About Salt companies in USA and Ice Melt

a. Which Salt Is the Best for Melting Ice/Snow? Which Salt Should I Buy?


It depends! Your choice should be guided by your unique needs considering different ice melt ingredients work best at different temperatures. There are also ice melt products safe for pets and vegetation. Some products are also gentle on surfaces. 

In many cases, it will depend on your unique needs. However, if you choose to buy your ice melt from leading salt companies in the USA, you can get a product that will work perfectly for your specific needs.

b. Where Can I Buy Bulk Rock Salt or Ice Melt?

Large salt companies in the USA like NorthRock Minerals have their ice melt products available nationwide in bulk. You can contact NorthRock Minerals to order in bulk from any state in the US or beyond.

c. What Should I Look for In Different Types of Snow/Ice Melt Made by Different Salt Companies?

While many factors dictate the effectiveness of ice melt, you should focus mostly on the ingredients, which differ in effectiveness based on working temperature. From the above information, you can tell which ingredient will work in the coldest temperature.

d. What is the Cost of Rock Salt for Melting Ice?


It depends! Ice melt cost varies based on many factors, from the ingredients to the quantity and brand. If you are buying a reputable ice melt, the cost will be worth it. Reputable ice melt blends may cost more. However, a small amount lasts longer.

e. How Often Should You Apply Ice Melt?

Ideally, ice melt should be spread before snow/ice forms (just before precipitation) or immediately after snow/ice is cleared. You should also remove the excessive product once the ice has melted to reduce the risk of damaging your surface.

f. Can Table Salt Melt Ice?

Yes! Sodium chloride can prevent re-freezing by lowering the water’s freezing point. However, sodium chloride doesn’t make the best ice melt on its own for many reasons. First and foremost, it is expensive to use table salt as an ice melt. 

Pure table salt is also highly corrosive, increasing instances of surface damage. Salt is also risky for pets’ health and their paws. Sodium chloride works best as an ice melt when blended with other ingredients.

g. What Are the Top Salt Companies in the USA for Ice Melting Products?


There are many top salt companies in America. However, one company – NorthRock Minerals, stands out from the rest. The company boasts of one of the best, most effective ice melt product varieties composed of seven products with unique formulas.

North Rock Minerals is also among the few large-scale calcium chloride pellets & flakes producers attributable to strategic partnerships. You can get all ice melt products in bulk anywhere in the US.

The company also boasts of a world-class production facility and strategically located warehouses guaranteeing product availability throughout the coldest winter season. The products are also unique in their formulation. NorthRock uses innovative technology to manufacture ice melts that stand out in effectiveness and durability.

What’s more, the price is great despite offering high-quality products that melt snow/ice and prevent re-freezing over a longer time when compared to competing products. 

NorthRock Minerals stands out for using the best raw materials, following industry best practices, maintaining adequate supply inventory, supplying ice melt products efficiently and punctually nationwide, and providing the best ice melt prices. Most importantly, you can get environmentally friendly or “green” ice melt safe for pets and plants, ice melt that works in the lowest temperatures, and more!

The company is undoubtedly among the best salt companies in the USA for ice melting products. Explore NorthRock Mineral’s product variety NOW! or inquire.


Buy Salt in Bulk for Deicing in the US

Buy Salt in Bulk for Deicing in the US

Overview: How Snow/Ice Melt Works

Traditional solutions for melting ice/snow aren’t effective during severe winter seasons where sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, roads, etc., are covered by snow. De-icing salts are great for ensuring snow doesn’t accumulate in such areas. The salts are formulated to lower water’s melting point, preventing ice formation in the process. They attract moisture and form brine which generates heat, melting ice in the process.

The best de-icing salts (or snow melters) are 100% effective and safe. They are largely made of a salt formulation that doesn’t harm plants or surfaces. Their formulation depends on their application. For instance, there are de-icing products specifically designed for a specific temperature, road type, road surface, conditions, etc. 

Once you find the perfect product for you i.e., such as those by North Rock Minerals, it is advisable to have enough to avoid running out before the winter season is over. There are many pros on what you stand to gain if you buy salt in bulk. The most notable include;

Benefits of Buying Salt in Bulk 

Cost Saving

The most notable advantage of buying rock salt for de-icing in bulk is the savings you are bound to enjoy. Like most purchases, it is always cheaper to buy in bulk. This applies in almost all cases regardless of factors like the brand or type of product you are buying. The reason behind this is simple. 

It is cheaper to manufacture things in bulk. As a result, manufacturers are more willing to discount goods bought in bulk because they will still make a good profit. To enjoy the best cost savings, consider buying salt by the pallet instead of buying individual bags. 

Avoid Shortages

If you go to buy rock salt or de-icing products when the snow has started falling, you are already. The sight of snow triggers panic buying. The same applies to attempting to buy more salt in the middle of winter. If there are weather reports indicating there will be snowstorms, people tend to buy deicing products more than in typical snow conditions.

Buying early and in bulk ensures you avoid running out of salt when you need it the most. What’s more, you stand to avoid artificial price hikes because the demand for rock salt outweighs the supply. 


It’s Safer

If you run out of rock salt or other de-icing products in the middle of winter, you may be forced to cope with extreme elements. Driveways and sidewalks that are packed with snow pose serious safety risks. Buying salt in bulk ensures there’s always adequate snow melting at any given time, eliminating the need to pass through slippery snow-packed driveways and sidewalks.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

It’s not enough to apply rock salt or a de-icing product on your driveway or sidewalk. You need to use the product as directed by the manufacturer. However, most people who don’t buy salt in bulk end up using very little product that doesn’t get the job done effectively.  

You may also be forced to leave out certain areas resulting in incomplete or inconsistent de-icing. Buying rock salt in bulk ensures you have enough product throughout the season to keep ice/snow off your driveway, sidewalks, and other areas of interest. 


How Do You Store Salt in Bulk? 

Is the Salt High-quality?

Many factors dictate how you should store de-icing products, ice melt, snowmelt, or road salt composed largely of salt. For instance, the quality of salt in question matters. The best quality salt for de-icing) – dry road salt usually has a longer shelf-life and is capable of lasting for years when stored properly. Other types have a shorter shelf-life even when they are stored properly. So, before you think about storage, make sure you buy high-quality salt first.

Store in a Dry Area

When you buy salt in bulk, it should be stored in a dry area. What’s more, it should be covered to avoid exposure to humidity (moisture in the air) as well as other sources of moisture such as rain or snow. Assuming you have a sizable garage, cover the salt and ensure there are no leaks from gutters, garage doors, etc., that can introduce moisture into the salt. This tip is crucial, especially when storing road salt that can corrode surfaces when moist. 

Store as Directed 

Some manufacturers may have special storage instructions. In such cases, follow these instructions to the letter. In some scenarios i.e., when you can’t guarantee the area is dry and moisture-free, you may need to get large storage containers. 

Some manufacturers also deliver bulk salt ready for storage i.e., one large order packed in many smaller quantities that can be used as the need arises. Leftover salt should be kept in airtight containers to prevent moisture from seeping through and forming salt clumps.

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?

Control Temperature if Possible

If you buy salt in bulk that needs to be stored over a prolonged period, small amounts of moisture can cause severe clumping over time. When this happens, the salt can become unusable since it lacks the traction to spread over large areas and melt ice. 

As a result, you may want to store the remaining salt in a temperature-controlled environment i.e., inside a drawer or other storage space in the garage where moisture is least likely to reach the salt. Generally, salt that is stored in a cool, dry place with minimal humidity will last to the next season in perfect condition. 

Store Away from Pets and Children

Last and most importantly, salt should be kept away from children’s reach. This applies mostly to rock salt or road salt, which is highly corrosive. While there are ice melters which are safe for the environment and pets, this shouldn’t be mistaken to mean that pets or children should be allowed to access the salt. 

De-icing products made of salt can cause symptoms like skin irritation or mild rashes. Ingestion can cause severe reactions ranging from mouth irritation to throat, stomach, and bowel irritation or complications. For this reason, the salt should be stored in a lockable area or top storage. 

Tips for Buying Rock Salt in Bulk 

What considerations should you make before you buy salt in bulk for de-icing?

Buy High-quality Brands Only!


The quality of the de-icing product you purchase will determine how well you keep snow/ice from forming on your driveway or sidewalk. Given the abundance of de-icing products in the market during winter, you should focus on tested and proven brands only. North Rock Minerals is an example of a reputable US brand that has been making high-quality rock salt and other de-icing products since 1993. 

You should avoid new cheap brands that are just focused on selling. Such brands may appear affordable but may attract many cons ranging from ineffectiveness to safety concerns. For instance, there’s no need to buy cheap rock salt that you must use excessively to melt snow. In fact, such products end up costing more.

Consider Grain Size vs Reason for Application

Grain size is another important consideration when you buy salt in bulk for de-icing. Fine-grain salt works faster. However, the salt tends to be used up faster. Coarse grain salt works slowly but lasts longer. If your goal is preventing ice from forming, coarse grain salt may be a better solution, especially when put ahead of time. Fine-grain salt is effective for getting rid of ice/snow that has already accumulated/formed. What’s more, both types can be used to optimize results.

Should You Salt Your Driveway Before It Snows?

Consider Moisture Levels

All salt has some moisture in it. The best type has a very low moisture content. When buying in bulk, low moisture salt is perfect for storage and ready for use at all times. Seasoned manufacturers take several measures to ensure they sell dry salt with little to no moisture. They also include an anticaking agent that prevents caking and crusting. If the moisture is too high, the anticaking agent won’t prevent clumping effectively. 

Consider Ingredients/Composition

The ingredients that make up de-icing products dictate many factors, including efficiency and safety. Purity is an important factor when determining the melting capacity of de-icing products. You should focus on the salt levels (sodium chloride or NaCl). A higher salt composition translates to greater purity, less residue (dirt, sand, etc.), and more salt melting action.

Most deicing products will be composed of sea salt, rock salt, or vacuum salt. Vacuum salt is 99.5% sodium chloride. It also has smaller grain sizes, translating to faster ice/snow melting. However, the salt can be carried away easily by wind. Sea salt and rock salt have slightly less salt (95% to 99%). However, they have slightly larger grains which makes them last longer.

You should also confirm if there are other additives and if they are safe for the environment, pets, and your surfaces. 


Buy Before Winter

Lastly, you should buy salt in bulk before snowfall to ensure you get as much as you want at the best prices. If you run out of de-icing products in the middle of winter, you are bound to face many problems, from shortages to high pricing. Bulk salt prices naturally rise when there is a shortage. You’ll also get the best quality ice melt if you buy early since such products are sold out quickly. 

FAQs About Buying Salt in Bulk for De-icing 

I. How Many Bags of Salt Do I Need for My Driveway? 

Before you buy salt in bulk for de-icing, find out how much salt you need. The size of the application area usually dictates the quantity. Generally, 4 lbs. of salt is enough for every 100-square foot surface. 

A typical parking lot measuring approximately 800-sq/ft will require 4 pounds of salt to be covered effectively. This translates to approximately one 40-pound bag. However, you may require more/less depending on the brand in question. The best brands will let you know exactly how much ice melt you should use. 

Important: Using too much salt doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll melt snow/ice faster or get a better result. If you can see the salt, you have used too much in many cases. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply the right amount.

II. Why Should You Buy Salt in Bulk?

As mentioned above, you stand to save money, avoid shortages, and get the best salt brand in the market in whatever quantity you want. It’s also safer to buy in bulk since your driveway and sidewalk will be free of ice at all times, reducing risks such as slipping and falling.

III. Best Place to Buy Salt in Bulk in the US?

North Rock Minerals. Why? As mentioned above, the company has been around since 1993. When you buy NorthRock Minerals, you are buying products that have benefited from almost two decades of research and testing. 

NorthRock Minerals also offers the best mix of price and quality. Since the manufacturer is the largest calcium chloride pellet and flax producer, customers benefit from economies of scale. The manufacturer’s strategic partnerships enable affordable sourcing of raw materials, which translates to cheaper finished products.

North Rock also boasts of unmatched innovation. Years of investment in innovative technology and newer and better products give the manufacturer an edge over competitors. Most importantly, NorthRock Minerals doesn’t run out of products when you need them. Ample inventory supply and an efficient distribution network ensure NorthRock de-icing products are available in time.

IV. Do I have to Buy Salt in Bulk? Can I Make My Own Ice Melt?

No. You can buy de-icing products in any quantity you desire. However, it makes sense to buy in bulk. As mentioned above, you save money, avoid shortages, and enjoy other notable benefits. 

While making your own ice melt at home is possible with ingredients that melt ice (such as table salt, sugar, and rubbing alcohol), it is not advisable to do so, given the cost implication. Homemade ice melt is usually more expensive and ineffective when compared to buying known ice melt brands. Homemade ice melt can also harm your pet, plants, and grass. 

Buy salt in bulk from reputable ice melt and de-icing product manufacturers like North Rock Minerals and enjoy an efficient solution with no risk.


When Is the Best Time to Put Down Ice Melts?

When Is the Best Time to Put Down Ice Melts?

When Is the Best Time to Put Down Ice Melts?


Ice melts are typically used to assist with the removal of ice and snow from sidewalks, driveways, and walkways. But when is the right time to put down ice melt? This article will provide information on when to put down ice melt.


When Is the Right Time to Put Down Ice Melts?


We recommend putting down your ice melt before it snows. Applying ice melt before a snowstorm will help to prevent the formation of ice and allow for an easier removal process. The brine that forms will prevent ice formation and make it easier to shovel.


If you are using a calcium chloride product, it is best to put it down when the temperature is above 25 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a sodium chloride product, it is best to put it down when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


If your area has already received snow, it is not too late to put down ice melt. Applying ice melt after a snowstorm will help to clear the snow and make it easier to walk or drive on.


Why We Recommend Putting Down Ice Melt before Snowfall


Pre-salting comes with a raft of benefits. They include the following among others:


It prevents ice formation


As noted, putting down your ice melt before it snows will help to prevent the formation of ice. Not only will that keep sidewalks and driveways from being covered with a layer of slippery ice, but it also makes for easier removal if you need to shovel snow later on.


It speeds up melt times


Ice melts can help make removing snow much faster as well as provide a cleaner surface after winter precipitation has ended.


It decreases the amount of salt used


Applying ice melt before a snowstorm can help reduce the need for additional salt later on, which is important as it helps protect the environment and your health. There’s no doubt that brine forming on sidewalks and driveways makes for easier removal, but using less sodium chloride also lowers the environmental impact.


It minimizes snow drifting


Pre-salting can help minimize the amount of snow that blows around and piles up, making for a neater appearance after the storm has cleared.


It can help reduce the chance of plowing


Since pre-salting helps the snow to melt more quickly, it minimizes the need for heavy-duty equipment like plows. That means less wear and tear on your driveway or sidewalk – not to mention a lower carbon footprint from using said machinery.


It saves you time and money


Pre-salting is a quick and effective way to deal with ice before it becomes an issue. It can help you save time as well as money on additional equipment, such as plows or shovels.


So, while there are a number of reasons to pre-salt – from environmental friendliness to easier shoveling – the main one is simply that it works. And that’s why we always recommend putting down ice melt before a snowstorm hits.




Is it okay to put down ice melt before it snows?


Yes, it is totally safe to put down ice melt before it snows. In fact, we recommend doing so in order to prevent the formation of ice and make shoveling easier later on.


What is the best way to apply ice melt?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to applying ice melt, as different products work best in different temperature ranges. However, we generally recommend putting down ice melt before a snowstorm hits.


Can I put down ice melt if it is already snowing?


Yes, you can put down ice melt even if it is already snowing. Applying the product after a storm will help to clear the snow and make it easier to walk or drive on.


Can I put down ice melt if it is below freezing?


If you are using a calcium chloride product, it is best to put it down when the temperature is above 25 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a sodium chloride product, it is best to put it down when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


How many times per season should I put down ice melt?


It varies depending on your location and the severity of winter weather. However, we generally recommend up to three applications per season.


Is it okay to put down ice melt on paved surfaces?


Yes. Ice melts are generally safe for use on pavement, although you should be sure that the product is appropriate for your uses – whether that’s rock salt or urea products. You can also ask about pH levels and how they affect other materials in your environment before putting down ice melt.


Final Thoughts


It is best to put down ice melt before it snows as it can help prevent the formation of ice and make shoveling much easier. Check out our blog post about pre-salting and its benefits.

When is the best time to put down ice melts?



Ice melt turning liquid

Ice melt turning liquid

ice melt turning liquid


Did you know that ice melt turning liquid is a common problem in cold climates? If you are experiencing this, it can be difficult to get your property ready for winter. The blog post will discuss how to fix this issue and prevent future problems with ice melt.


Why is My Ice Melt Turning to Liquid?


There are various reasons why your ice melt might be turning to liquid. They include the following:


There’s high humidity


Ice melt is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air. If the humidity is high, there’s a greater chance that the ice melt will turn to liquid. The more moisture there is in the air, the less effective the ice melt will be.


To fix this, you might want to store your ice melt in a room with low humidity or with a dehumidifier.


The temperature is too high


When the temperature is too high, the ice melt will start to turn to liquid. Of course, high temperatures will make stuff start to melt, but this is especially a problem with ice melt because it needs to stay in a solid form in order to be effective.


To fix this, you might want to store your ice melt in a cooler environment.


Poor storage


You should keep the melt in a sealed bag or container and out of direct sunlight. If it is exposed to the sun, the ice melt will start to turn to liquid. Storing your ice melt in open containers allows it to draw moisture from the air, which will also cause it to turn to liquid.


You can prevent this problem by storing your ice melt in a sealed bag or container and keeping it out of direct sunlight.


Tips for Preventing Ice Melt from Turning to Liquid


There are a few things you can do to prevent your ice melt from turning to liquid:


Store the ice melt in a cool, dry place


If you can’t store it in a room with low humidity, then try to store it in a cooler environment. You want to make the place is free from excessive moisture so the ice melt won’t turn to liquid.


Keep it in a sealed container or bag


This will help to keep the ice melt from absorbing moisture from the air. This is important if you can’t store it in a low humidity environment.


Keep it out of direct sunlight


The sun will heat up the ice melt and cause it to turn to liquid. Try to store it in a place where it won’t be exposed to the sun.


Don’t store your ice melt near heat sources


Storing your ice melt near such heat sources as a furnace or a stove will make it turn to liquid. Try to keep it in an area that is cool and dry. Also, try not to store it near any appliances that emit heat.


If you live in a cold climate, your ice melt turning liquid is something you will likely encounter at some point or another. You can prevent this problem by storing the ice melt correctly and keeping it out of direct sunlight. If your ice melt has already started to turn to liquid, try to follow the tips mentioned above to restore it to its former state.




What makes ice melt turn into liquid?


Ice melt is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture from the air. This is why ice melt turns into a liquid when there’s high humidity or if it has been exposed to sunlight.


Can I use ice melt that has turned to liquid?


While you can still use ice melt that has turned into liquid, it will not be as effective. You may need to use more of it in order to achieve the desired results. You may want to consider using a different type of ice melt.


What dissolves ice melt?


Ice melt can be dissolved by things like water and chemicals. If you spill ice melt on the ground, it will dissolve in the rain. It may also be dissolved by other chemicals if they come into contact with each other (for example, if there is a spill of salt or sand)


What is ice melt made from?


Most ice melts are composed of either calcium chloride or ammonium nitrate. There may be other ingredients added in order to make the ice melt more effective, such as iodine and/or sodium metabisulfite.


Where can I get a bag of ice melt?


You can buy top-quality ice melt from NorthRock Minerals. We produce a wide range of ice melt products that are designed to meet the needs of our customers. Check out our products today to find the right one for your needs.


Final Thoughts


Ice melt can easily turn into liquid if you do not store it properly. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can prevent your ice melt from turning to liquid and ensure that it remains effective.



Halite Rock Salt

Halite Rock Salt

Halite Rock Salt


Halite Rock Salt is among the most popular ice melt product from NorthRock Minerals. In this post, we will be looking at the benefits of this product and why you should consider getting it today.


Halite Rock Salt: All You Need to Know


The Benefits of Halite Rock Salt


Some of the benefits of using Halite Rock Salt include the following:


It can be applied on most surfaces


This ice melt product is suitable to be used on all surfaces. It works on concrete, asphalt, and even pavers. So if you are looking for an all-surface ice melt, Halite is your best bet.


It is affordable


Compared to other ice melt products in the market, Halite Rock Salt is one of the most affordable. You can get it at a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality.


It is safe for the environment


Halite Rock Salt is environmentally friendly. It will not harm your plants, pets, or property when used properly. However, you might want to use it carefully near plants as it can cause some discoloration.


It is easy to use


Halite Rock Salt is very easy to use. Simply sprinkle it on the ice and wait for it to melt. You do not have to worry about any mess or clean up afterward.


It is efficient


Halite rock salt is among the most efficient ice melts available. It can quickly clear ice and snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas. You do not need to use too much of it to get the desired results. Just use a small amount spread evenly and you will be good to go.


It is available in different quantities


You can purchase Halite Rock Salt in small, medium, and bulk packs. This will allow you to choose the appropriate size depending on your needs as well as budget. The more you buy at once, the cheaper each unit becomes. It also allows for convenient storage so that you do not have to worry about running out of ice melt too soon.


It is easy to store and transport


Halite Rock Salt comes in a convenient storage container with a handle on top. You can simply carry it around without worrying about spilling the contents or getting your hands dirty. It also makes for an ideal packable item if you are going somewhere where there might be a lot of snow and ice.


Why You Should Consider Halite Rock Salt Today


At NorthRock Minerals, we have dedicated ourselves to producing best-in-class ice melt products. And Halite Rock Salt is one of our most popular products.


If you are looking for an affordable, all-surface ice melt that is safe for the environment, then Halite is the product for you. It is easy to use and will quickly clear ice and snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas.


So don’t wait any longer and get your own supply of Halite Rock Salt today.


Halite Rock Salt: FAQs


What surfaces is Halite Rock Salt good for?


This rock salt is suitable for use on all surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and pavers.


Is Halite Rock Salt safe for the environment?


Yes, it is environmentally friendly and will not harm your plants or property when used as directed. However, you might want to exercise some care when using near plants as it can cause discoloration.


Is Halite Rock Salt easy to apply?


Yes, all you need is a small amount spread evenly and then simply wait for it to melt the ice and snow away. You don’t even have to clean up afterward as it will all disappear.


Can I get Halite Rock Salt in different quantities?


Yes, you can purchase it in small, medium, or bulk packs to suit your needs and budget. The more you buy at once, the cheaper each unit becomes.


Where can I store my Halite Rock Salt?


Store your Halite Rock Salt in the included storage container with a handle for easy transport and access. Make sure to store it in a cool dry place.


Where to buy Halite Rock salt?


You can order your Halite Rock Salt from NorthRock Minerals today. We have competitive prices and top-quality products.


Final 💭 


If you are looking for an efficient ice melt product, Halite Rock Salt is a great choice. It will quickly clear ice and snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas in your home or business. Give it a try today and you won’t regret it!



Ice melt: Do’s and Dont’s

Ice melt: Do’s and Dont’s

Ice melt: Do's and Dont's


No one enjoys the pain of frozen skin, and ice melt can help prevent it. But there are some things you should know before using ice melt on your walkway, driveway, or even patio. This blog post will cover all the information you need to know about how to use this product safely and effectively.


Do the following:


Follow all the instructions.

You must always follow the instructions that come with your ice melt product. Do not add water or mix any other ingredients into it, and don’t use it on anything but where you intend to do so.


Make sure what you’re using is actually meant for walkways/driveways/pavements. Not all salt products are safe for every surface: some may be corrosive and will damage concrete or stone surfaces; others might stain wood decks and wooden stairs.


Apply it at the right time

Do not apply it too early or when it is too late. While pre-salting is recommended, this should be done at least 24 hours before the first snowfall. If it snows again soon after, you’ll need to wait an extra day or two for your walkway/driveway/pavement area to be safe again.


Be sure not to apply ice melt too late either: You should never use ice melt if temperatures are above 20 degrees Fahrenheit (or -17 Celsius).


While this will help prolong its life and effectiveness, there is no point in using it when conditions would otherwise only require de-icing salt, which doesn’t work as well on frozen surfaces but can handle any other weather condition much better than ice melts can.


Choose your products wisely.

There are different types of ice melt, and as noted, each one may not be compatible with all surfaces. If you have a question about whether or not it is safe to use on your chosen surface, check the product description and/or contact customer service before using it.


Doing so will help prevent any damage that might occur from using an ice melt meant for one type of surface when you’re actually trying to de-ice another.


Be sure to read the label and follow any directions it might contain for use, such as whether or not you should hose down your walkway/driveway/pavement area after applying ice melt or if there’s anything else that needs to be done before using it.


Don’t go cheap on this either: while some brands may seem less expensive than others, they can actually work worse because their concentration is lower, so they will leave behind more residue when melted by foot traffic which could damage surfaces over time.


Do check out reviews online about whatever brand of ice melt you intend to buy and see what other customers have experienced with them first.


Don’t do the following:


Apply too much product

Do not apply too much ice melt than it is necessary to do so. As mentioned, follow all instructions on how much you can apply to which surface, and do not add water to ice melt unless specifically instructed by the manufacturer.


Store ice melt improperly.

Ice melt can degrade over time and harden if stored improperly, so store it in an airtight container and always keep it away from children and pets.


Don’t use it on surfaces that aren’t intended for ice melt. Using the wrong type of ice melt can damage your walkway/driveway/pavement area and cause a safety hazard by making it more slippery than usual, so only ever use an ice melt meant to be used in these ways if you intend to do so.


Final Thoughts


Ice melt is helpful, but it needs to be handled carefully as well. Make sure you know what type of ice melt product to use on which surfaces and always make sure there is no snow or ice anywhere before applying it.


Check out our range of ice melt products that are trusted for their quality and performance at affordable prices.

Ice melt: Do’s and Dont’s



How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?


What do you do with unused ice melts? They are expensive, so it’s important to store them properly. You can’t just throw them in the garage or on the sidewalk outside your home. If you have storage space for things like this, great. But if not, there are other options out there for storing your ice melts.


Storage Ideas for Unused Ice Melts


Store away from air and moisture


You don’t want to store your ice melts in an area where there is a lot of moisture. If you do, they will start to melt, and it could be hard to get them back into their original shape. You also want to avoid air because the heat from outside can cause melting when left out in the open.


Stash in a bin with a lid


A good option for storing ice melt is to put them inside an old plastic storage container. Make sure that the lid seals tightly and it’s easy enough to get into when you need your ice to melt. You could also use this type of bin if you want something on display so people can see what you have stored away. Just make sure they are sealed up tight after every time you’ve used some of the melt.


Store away from direct sunlight


Sunlight can heat up your ice melts and make them melt faster. Instead, find an area where the sun doesn’t shine as much during the day, such as a shed or garage.


Hanging storage bag with a seal


Using a hanging storage bag is another good way to store away ice melts that you don’t need for a while. It’s similar to using a bin, but it can be hung on your doorknob, so there is less mess when people walk through and all of the melt falls onto the ground instead of into other things like shoes or socks.


You could also use this type of container for smaller bags of ice melts that are easy to grab whenever you want one without having to open up anything else in your home first. Just remember to keep it sealed tight after each time you use some of the melt.


Store in the garage or shed


If you have a space for ice melts, this is probably the best option because it keeps them out of sight and away from any other potential melting threats like heat coming inside through an open window. It also keeps them safe from critters looking to make a meal out of your expensive ice melts.


Just remember that if you are going to store these outdoors, be sure to bring them back into your home during warm weather so they don’t get ruined by rain or snowfall that could cause freezing later on down the road when temperatures drop again outside.


Store away from pets and children


Ice melt can be very dangerous for animals and children if they get a hold of it. It can be very poisonous to them, so you want to make sure that your pets and kids stay away from any ice melts in storage around your home.


Make sure the storage room is humidity-controlled


As noted earlier, moisture can cause ice melts to melt and warp. So it’s important that any storage room you use for your unused ice melts has proper humidity control in place.


Store away from heat sources like lamps or appliances


Just like sunlight, heat coming from other objects inside of the storage area can make your ice melts start melting faster than they should be. So avoid putting them near lamps or other appliances that could cause this to happen.


Hopefully, with these tips, it won’t be difficult for you to safely store your ice melt. 

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?



Easy Tips for Snow Shoveling

Easy Tips for Snow Shoveling

Easy Tips for Snow Shoveling


Snow shoveling is a huge task in the winter, and it can be an even bigger one for seniors. One can easily injure themselves if they aren’t careful. In this blog post, we will provide you with some easy tips to make snow shoveling easier on yourself. We hope that these tips will help you get through each snowstorm without too much stress.


Tips for Snow Shoveling



You need to build up your muscles to make shovelling easier on them. You can warm up with some simple stretches such as arm circles and shoulder shrugs before you get started. You might even want to do a bit of light jogging before you get started.


Push rather than lifting

It is always easier to push snow than it is to lift it. Keep this in mind when shoveling, and you will find that your muscles don’t feel as sore afterward. In addition, try to push the snow onto a pile rather than lifting it up into a wheelbarrow or another container. This way, the weight of the snow is not on your arms for such an extended period of time.


Use a wide shovel

Using a wider scoop is going to make your life easier because it will give you more leverage and cut down on how heavy each load of snow is for you. A lot of people like using metal scoops as opposed to plastic ones, but this comes down to a matter of preference.


Do some scouting

Pre-scout your sidewalk and driveway after the snow stops falling to see if you have too much for yourself to handle by yourself, or just enough where it’s doable with some easy tips like these. If you feel that shoveling is simply too strenuous on your body, consider hiring someone else to do it.


Use an ergonomic shovel that fits your height.

This is important for less strain on your back and getting the job done faster.


Go slow and steady

When shoveling, it is essential to go at your own pace so that you don’t hurt yourself or overexert too much. It might feel like a good idea to work up a quick sweat and get all of the snow off as quickly as possible, but this will just lead to a lot of pain and discomfort later on.


Use a snow thrower

If you have the budget for it, then using a snow blower is going to make your life much easier because they are designed specifically for removing large amounts of snow from driveways and sidewalks in short periods of time. They also come with features such as rotating brushes to make removing ice from your driveway much easier.


Shovel periodically

Shoveling periodically throughout the storm will make it much easier on you. If the snow is coming down hard, then take breaks inside with your feet up and give yourself a chance to warm up again before getting back out there.


Use salt

Using rock salt or some other de-icer will make removing ice from sidewalks and driveways far more manageable for you, which makes shoveling much less stressful.


Be careful not to use too much salt, however, because this will negatively impact your grass and plants in the warmer months after a winter storm has passed.


At NorthRock Minerals, we produce some of the best rock salt and other de-icers on the market. Our products are trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses for reliability and effectiveness. Check out our product page for more information.


Easy Tips for Snow Shoveling



Does Ice Melt Go Bad?

Does Ice Melt Go Bad?

Does Ice Melt Go Bad?


Ice melt, such as rock salt, is a mineral, and it doesn’t really go bad. However, over time, due to factors like poor storage, it can degrade, harden and lose its effectiveness. Storage is the most important factor in preserving ice melt and making it last as long as possible.


Overall, ice melt does not go bad, and if stored correctly, it can maintain its effectiveness indefinitely. Often times this is a question asked while winterizing the home before going on vacation or going away for an extended period of time. 


However, sometimes homeowners simply want to know how long they should store their rock salt since they won’t be using it again until next season. Rock salt will last about one year when left unused in typical conditions without being exposed directly to sunlight.


However, taking good care of your ice melt by storing it indoors where temperatures are consistent from summer through winter will help maximize the life expectancy of bagged ice melts such as sodium chloride-based products


What do you do with old ice melts? Can it still melt ice?


Old ice melt is still effective, but you don’t want to use it on ice because its effectiveness will be reduced. It’s best to discard old ice melts and replace them with new ones so you can get the best results in heating driveways, sidewalks, or other surfaces that need a good coating of ice melt for maximum traction.


Ice melts are meant to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly products, but over time they may harden due to temperature changes which decrease their effectiveness.


Can ice melt make you sick?


A small amount of ice melt won’t hurt you, but it’s recommended that you keep children and pets away from large amounts of ice melt.


Ice melts are not typically the source of illness when consumed in small quantities because they aren’t poisonous or toxic to humans.


However, if an animal eats a lot of rock salt, it could become ill, so it’s best to monitor your pet’s behavior when they are outside. If you suspect your pet has eaten a lot of ice melt, please seek veterinary care immediately because too much rock salt can cause serious health problems for pets.


Is it safe to use ice melt near plants?


Small amounts of ice melt used on surfaces that aren’t near plants shouldn’t harm them, but larger amounts of ice melt can cause damage to vegetation if it isn’t washed away quickly.


If you’re using a lot of rock salt on surfaces that are close to your garden or landscaping, it’s best not to use ice melts with magnesium chloride because this type causes the most plant damage compared to other types of ice melt.


It’s best to use sodium chloride-based products that contain no magnesium or calcium on surfaces near plants because this type of product is the least likely to impact vegetation compared with other types of ice melts.


Is it best to use rock salt on icy roads and driveways?


Yes, but if you use too much, your driveway may become slippery with no traction for a few days after the snow has melted, so keep this in mind when using excess amounts of ice melt.


Rock salt is most effective as an anti-icing agent because it melts ice in temperatures below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you live in an area where the temperature drops well below this level, rock salt won’t be effective for preventing snow and ice accumulation when applied prior to inclement weather.


Chemical de-icers work best when they are used ahead of time before any precipitation is expected.

Does Ice Melt Go Bad?