Pallet of Salt: Buying Ice/Snow Melt In Bulk

Pallet of Salt: Buying Ice/Snow Melt in Bulk 


Introduction to Pallet of Ice melt/Pallet of Salt 

What is Ice/Snow Melt?

Before discussing what a pallet of salt is and more, it’s important to define some terms. Ice melt or snowmelt can be defined as a product applied on top of snow/ice when it has already formed. Ice/snowmelt can also be applied before snow or ice forms to prevent formation. 

When applied in advance (before snow forms), ice melt or snowmelt works by lowering the water’s freezing point and preventing the formation of ice. When applied to already formed snow, ice/snow melt works by breaking up formed ice/snow into liquid form.

Does Salt Melt Ice?


Yes! Regular salt can melt ice on contact by forming salty water, which dissolves more ice/snow. Salty water has a lower freezing point when compared to water. This simply means salty water requires much lower temperatures to freeze than pure water. What’s more, the concentration of salt will determine the freezing point. Generally, the higher the saltwater concentration, the lower the freezing point. 

However, salt on its own can only lower the freezing point to a certain extent. Generally, the freezing point of salty water is approximately zero degrees Fahrenheit and won’t lower the freezing point further. This explains largely why ice melt is composed of other ingredients besides regular salt (sodium chloride). 

Do I Need Ice Melt?

You need ice melt for several key reasons. First and foremost, it is more effective for melting/preventing ice/snow formation than regular salt.

If you buy high-quality ice melt, it will be safe for your pets, grass, and surfaces. Regular salt can harm your pets, grass, and driveway or sidewalk surfaces like concrete. The best snowmelt has been formulated to be effective but still safe.

Buying ice melt also prevents losses from insurance suits. Regular salt can damage other people’s walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and lawns. It can also harm their pets resulting in expensive lawsuits. Property owners are responsible for acting responsibly and using safe products in their homes.

What’s more, ice melt is affordable. It is cheaper to buy ice melt than use regular salt. What’s more, you avoid costly risks like lawsuits, damage to your driveway, lawn, etc. 

Benefits of Buying Ice/Snow Melt in Bulk: Pallet of Salt vs. Pack of Ice Melt

Since the benefits of using ice melt in preventing the formation of ice/snow are already evident, let’s shift our focus to why you should buy ice melt or snowmelt in bulk.

  1. Save Cost: Since you will need ice melt during winter, it makes sense to be proactive about cost. To get the best deal, you should buy a pallet of salt (ice melt in pallets) as opposed to buying in smaller quantities. Like most things, ice melt is cheaper when bought in bulk.
  2. Avoid Inconveniences: When you buy a pallet of salt, you also avoid running out when you need the product the most. Since ice melt is in high demand during winter for obvious reasons, it makes sense to have enough to outlast the longest winter season. You are also assured you will get high-quality ice melt which tends to be scarce when winter starts. 

III. Guaranteed Safety: The only way to ensure you don’t run out of safe ice melt during winter is by buying in bulk. In most cases, when you run out of snow-melting products, you are forced to buy low-quality ice melt, which poses risk to your lawn, pets, driveway, etc. Stocking up pallets of ice melt before winter starts is the best way to avoid low-quality ice melt products.

Choosing the Best Manufacturer for Bulk Snow/Ice Melt

Buying one or several pallets of salt isn’t enough. There are very many ice melt manufacturers today, all of whom claim to make the best products. However, having a pallet of salt to last you through winter doesn’t mean much if it is low quality and potentially harmful salt. So, how do you select the best ice melt manufacturer known to make high-quality ice melt?


I. Experience

The best bulk ice melt manufacturers tend to have at least a decade of experience in the industry. More experience is always better. Before you buy a pallet of salt for melting ice/snow, ensure it has been manufactured by one of the best U.S. manufacturers of bulk ice melt like NorthRock Minerals, which has been operational since 1993 and sells an extensive product line of ice and snow melters tested and proven to work.

II. Global/Nationwide Presence

Your ideal snowmelt manufacturer should also have a nationwide presence to ensure you have a constant and reliable supply of ice melt when you need it. Ice melt manufacturers like NorthRock Minerals serve all states in the U.S. and beyond.

III. Product Variety


The ice melt manufacturer you select should also have a variety of products to serve different needs. For instance, they should have pet-friendly ice melt, ice melt that works effectively at extremely low temperatures. The product variety should also include products that don’t corrode driveways or damage lawns. What’s more, they should sell ice melt in different quantities i.e., packs and pallets.

NorthRock Minerals has one of the best ice melt product varieties composed of rock salt, a product that works at –25 degrees (Pellets of Fire), a green/environmentally friendly ice melt safe for pets and vegetation, and more.

IV. What Customers Are Saying

You should also buy your pallet of salt for melting snow/ice from a manufacturer who is highly recommended. The best way to get firsthand information about the effectiveness of different ice melt products available today is to see what past and current customers are saying.

V. Cost/Pricing/Value for Money 

Lastly, you should select a manufacturer that offers value for money. High-quality ice melt shouldn’t be exceedingly expensive. While it costs more than low-quality products, focus on how much product you need to get the job done. Choose manufacturers who make ice melt that is very effective in small quantities as such product will last longer and offer more value for money.

How to Store a Pallet of Salt 

Once you buy your pallet of salt, it’s time to store it properly to ensure it lasts throughout winter and beyond. But how do you store ice melt in bulk? What are the ideal conditions for storing de-icing salt or rock salt?


Tip 1: Store in Airtight Containers

While de-icing salt sold in pallets is likely to be in airtight packaging, open packs should be stored in sealed airtight containers or bags. Leftover ice melt that isn’t stored properly is bound to absorb elements like moisture which reduces its shelf life and introduces other risks. As a precautionary measure, the pallet can be covered using waterproof plastic covering to prevent air and water damage.

Tip 2: Store in a Temperature-Controlled Environment

If possible, bulk ice melt meant to be stored for months should be in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent salt clumping. Moist salt is bound to form clumps which interfere with its effectiveness when applied on ice/snow. You’re also bound to use more products if the salt clumps. Your garage can be a good storage area, provided it stays cool and dry with very little humidity throughout your storage period.

Tip 3: Store Bulk Rock Salt and De-icing Salt Away from Pets and Children


As mentioned above, you can get safe de-icing salt that won’t affect pets, vegetation, or humans. However, this shouldn’t be a mistake to mean you can store bulk salt as you like. De-icing salt is usually intense and is likely to cause symptoms like skin burns and mild rash when exposed to the skin. Pets can have stomach, throat, and bowel irritation when they consume rock salt or de-icing salt. As a result, store the salt far away from your kids or pets, preferably in a lockable room.

Tip 4: Store Away from Sunlight or Heat Sources

Direct sunlight or heat sources can cause chemical reactions making your de-icing salt less effective. The pallet of salt should be in a storage shed, basement, garage, or warehouse far away from sunlight or heat sources that can cause a reaction and render the ice melt ineffective. 

FAQs about Pallets of Salt for Melting Ice/Snow and Related Subjects 

How Much Does a Pallet of Ice Melt Cost?

It depends. The weight and size of individual packages that make up a pallet dictate the cost. Other factors also determine the cost. For instance, the ingredients that make up the de-icing salt will dictate the cost. High-quality ingredients will obviously cost more. Generally, ice melt costs $13 to $25 per 50-pound bag. However, the cost can fall outside this range easily based on quality, ingredients, and other factors like quantity. 

As mentioned above, it is cheaper to buy rock salt or ice melt in bulk. Most importantly, you should focus on the quality since the best ice melt works effectively in small quantities and is bound to be cheaper in the long run.

How Many Pounds of Salt Does it Take to Melt Ice?

Many factors dictate how much rock salt or de-icing salt is needed to melt a certain quantity of ice/snow. For instance, the temperature of the ice/snow will matter. Generally, a pound of sodium chloride can melt 46 lbs of ice at 30 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperature decreases, the effectiveness of ice melt also decreases. However, superior de-icing products like Pellets of Fire can work at extremely low temperatures (at –25 degrees).

The application will also matter. Salt that is well spread out and applied before snow/ice melts works faster in fewer quantities. 

How Many Bags of Salt Go on a Pallet?

A pallet of salt contains many bags. The exact number of bags will depend on the manufacturer and factors like weight per bag. Most pallets of salt contain 50 bags; however, they can contain more or less.

What Type of Salt is Used to Melt Ice?


It depends on the type. Rock salt is largely sodium chloride. However, the best ice melt or best de-icing products contain a blend of different salts i.e., calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. They may also contain other ingredients that make the salt last longer or be safe for pets and vegetation.

How Much Does a Pallet of Ice Weigh?

It depends on the number of bags in the pallet as well as the weight per bag. However, a typical pallet with 50 bags (weighing 50 pounds each) weighs 2,500 pounds. 

Is Ice Melt and Rock Salt the Same?

No! Rock salt is predominantly sodium chloride, while ice melt contains other salts i.e., magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, etc. 

How Long Should a Pallet of Salt Last You?

It depends on several factors like the area and the quality of the product you are using. If you buy high-quality de-icing products from manufacturers like NorthRock Minerals, you can use less salt to do more.

What Ingredients are in a Pallet of Salt for Melting Ice/Snow?

If the pallet in question is composed of rock salt, the main ingredient is sodium chloride otherwise, it could be other salts.

Can You Store Rock Salt or Other Ice Melt Once You’ve Opened It?

Yes! However, you must store it in an airtight container and temperature-controlled environment to ensure it remains effective. A pallet of salt should be stored as per the guidelines given above.

How Do You Store Bulk Salt Outside?

It’s not advisable to store salt outside since it’s extremely hard to control elements like sunlight and moisture outdoors. If you must store a pallet of salt outside, ensure it is in airtight containers and is properly covered to keep other weather elements away.

How Long Will a Pallet of Salt Last in Storage?

Salt can be stored for years, provided it is stored properly. If you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can store salt for as long as the expiry period.

How Do I Stop Salt from Clumping?

Salt in bulk should be stored in a temperature-controlled environment free of humidity to stop clumping.