Top Salt Companies in the USA For Ice Melt or Deicing Products

Top Salt Companies in the USA For Ice Melt or Deicing Products

Overview: Salt Companies in the USA

Every homeowner needs to stock up on rock salt, ice melt, or other deicing products to keep their driveway, sidewalks, and other areas of their homes free of snow during winter. However, where you buy your ice melt or rock salt matters. 

NorthRock Minerals is among the top salt companies in the USA for snow & ice removal products. 


About NorthRock Minerals

NorthRock Minerals is among the leading salt companies in the USA for ice and snow removal products. The company is almost three decades old having been established in 1993. North Rock is headquartered in central New Jersey. However, the company’s products are available nationwide and beyond. 

NorthRock Minerals is arguably one of the largest salt makers in the USA and globally, given the annual output (millions of tons of snow melting products) used domestically and abroad. Initially, the company focused solely on rock salt. Approximately three decades later, NorthRock has an extensive product selection of seven products specially made for different applications and clients (residential and commercial).

Why Should You Buy Salt from a Reputable Salt Company in the US?

There are many salt companies in the USA producing countless ice-melting products. Why should you consider products from large reputable brands only?


I. Reputable Salt Companies Manufacture Salt that Lasts Longer

Most salt products are perishable. Once you open most ice-melting products, they don’t last very long. In fact, most leftover products won’t last until the next cold season. What’s more, the substandard product will get used up as fast as they are applied with no lasting effects. Since snowmelt or ice melt is a product that is poured on the ground, getting a substandard product that doesn’t last can be very costly.

Product packaging also matters. Top salt companies out there will have properly packaged products that can be stored for next season with little to no deterioration in quality. Even if you stored such salt openly, provided it is sealed perfectly as required by the manufacturer, it won’t let in moisture or become compromised by other weather or environmental elements like UV rays.

II. Ease of Application

A reputable ice melt manufacturer thinks of everything, including how their products should be applied. The best products are easy to apply. While it’s easy to forget where you have applied when using products from less-known salt companies, you’ll know when you apply high-quality ice melt because of its distinctive properties.

III. Efficient Product

Leading salt companies make products that work fast. Rock salt from top salt companies in the USA like NorthRock works quickly. The salt melts ice effectively and does so over a prolonged time while offering traction. Most importantly, the salt works in the most extreme temperatures.

IV. Products that are Safe for Surfaces


Big salt companies in the USA that manufacture ice or snow melting products have the research and development capacity to manufacture, test, and refine products to ensure they work perfectly without damaging the surfaces they are applied on.

You should buy products from reputable brands because they won’t damage your driveway, sidewalk, and other surfaces they are applied on. Leading snow/ice deicers can be applied on wood, concrete, stone, or other surfaces without damaging them.

Since salt is corrosive by nature, leading brands add anti-caking ingredients to lower corrosiveness. If you are buying rock salt from a leading brand, rest assured it will have anti-caking agents in the ingredients to protect your surfaces.

V. Cost Benefits

Substandard ice melts may appear cheap initially. However, if you need to apply twice as much product to get the same result as a high-quality ice melt, you are bound to spend more. What’s more, reputable salt companies in the USA, renowned for their high-quality ice melt benefit from economies of scale. Large-scale production of rock salt, among other ice melting products, comes with cost savings that are passed on to customers.

The products are also safe for your surfaces which eliminates additional repair costs. You don’t need to redo your driveway or sidewalk after a few years because you used substandard corrosive salt. Toxic salt can also damage your plants and soil, attracting gardening costs. Reputable salt companies produce high-quality products which have direct and indirect cost benefits.

VI. Guaranteed Supply

You need ice or snow melting products urgently in most cases. Reputable salt companies have a presence nationwide, ensuring you get the product when you need it. Little-known ice melting brands go out of stock, often leaving you stranded. To avoid being a victim of supply constraints or mixing products and introducing other risks, stick to reputable products only whose supply is guaranteed nationwide. 

NorthRock Minerals products can be bought nationwide in the USA in bulk quantities. Whether you want the salt ahead of winter or run out of ice melt in winter, you are assured of getting NorthRock Minerals products across all states.

Choosing Salt Companies in the USA for Ice Melt


The above information summarizes why you should consider reputable salt brands only. However, how do you pick the best salt companies in the US from the rest?

I. Check Online Reviews

The best salt companies will have overwhelmingly positive online reviews. Before selecting a company to buy ice melt from, do some research online and see what other people think of their products. 

While negative comments are inevitable from disgruntled clients or competitors, focus on companies with more positive than negative reviews. Past and present customers should like their customer support and products. Online reviews can reveal as much as the safety of the products. 

II. Check Product Variety

You want to buy ice melt or snowmelt from a company that has a wide range of products. For instance, the company should have liquid ice melt and solid ice melt, among other forms, such as solid pellets of different sizes since different forms work better for different purposes.

For instance, solid ice melt is great for absorbing moisture from the top, permeating downwards, and generating a brine (solution) that softens ice to the ground. Liquid ice melt is great for you if you want to prevent ice/snow from sticking on your driveway or sidewalk. 

Besides product form, the company you choose should have products in different shapes as they work differently. For instance, round/evenly shaped snowmelt removes ice better than irregularly shaped particles. Regularly shaped ice melt will melt downwards and evenly cut through the ice faster. Irregularly shaped ice melt melts horizontally, taking more time for the particles to penetrate. You should be able to choose variety down to the shape of the crystals.

What’s more, the product selection should be need-based. For instance, you should get products that work perfectly for specific temperatures. There should also be varied based on safety. For instance, you should be able to buy ice melt that doesn’t corrode your sidewalk, harm your pet or destroy your vegetation.

III. Detailed Product Information (Ingredients, Usage, etc.)

It’s also advisable to buy products from salt companies that let you know exactly what’s in the ice melt. You can judge the effectiveness and safety of snow-melting products by checking the ingredients. The label and ingredients also provide valuable information such as the best application for the product, how to use the product, storage, and more.

For instance, you can judge the working temperature of the ice melt based on the ingredients. Calcium chloride will work perfectly at –29 degrees Celsius or higher temperature. Potassium Acetate and magnesium chloride are also good for extremely low temperatures (-26 and –23 degrees Celsius, respectively). Ingredients like sodium chloride and urea work at temperatures as low as –10 and –7 degrees Celsius. Ingredients like sand will indicate that the ice melt offers better traction.

Salt companies that offer their customers detailed product information make it easy for customers to choose the perfect ice melt for their needs.

IV. Check Industry Standards


Information about the ingredients and usage isn’t enough. You should buy ice melt from salt companies in the USA that meet industry standards. Their product packaging should have the relevant stamps or seals that validate the product’s safety standards and other related information.

There are standards that must be met by products characterized as surfactants, chelating agents, solvents, etc. These standards must be met, and the relevant federal validation checks present to show product toxicity, physiology, etc.

FAQs About Salt companies in USA and Ice Melt

a. Which Salt Is the Best for Melting Ice/Snow? Which Salt Should I Buy?


It depends! Your choice should be guided by your unique needs considering different ice melt ingredients work best at different temperatures. There are also ice melt products safe for pets and vegetation. Some products are also gentle on surfaces. 

In many cases, it will depend on your unique needs. However, if you choose to buy your ice melt from leading salt companies in the USA, you can get a product that will work perfectly for your specific needs.

b. Where Can I Buy Bulk Rock Salt or Ice Melt?

Large salt companies in the USA like NorthRock Minerals have their ice melt products available nationwide in bulk. You can contact NorthRock Minerals to order in bulk from any state in the US or beyond.

c. What Should I Look for In Different Types of Snow/Ice Melt Made by Different Salt Companies?

While many factors dictate the effectiveness of ice melt, you should focus mostly on the ingredients, which differ in effectiveness based on working temperature. From the above information, you can tell which ingredient will work in the coldest temperature.

d. What is the Cost of Rock Salt for Melting Ice?


It depends! Ice melt cost varies based on many factors, from the ingredients to the quantity and brand. If you are buying a reputable ice melt, the cost will be worth it. Reputable ice melt blends may cost more. However, a small amount lasts longer.

e. How Often Should You Apply Ice Melt?

Ideally, ice melt should be spread before snow/ice forms (just before precipitation) or immediately after snow/ice is cleared. You should also remove the excessive product once the ice has melted to reduce the risk of damaging your surface.

f. Can Table Salt Melt Ice?

Yes! Sodium chloride can prevent re-freezing by lowering the water’s freezing point. However, sodium chloride doesn’t make the best ice melt on its own for many reasons. First and foremost, it is expensive to use table salt as an ice melt. 

Pure table salt is also highly corrosive, increasing instances of surface damage. Salt is also risky for pets’ health and their paws. Sodium chloride works best as an ice melt when blended with other ingredients.

g. What Are the Top Salt Companies in the USA for Ice Melting Products?


There are many top salt companies in America. However, one company – NorthRock Minerals, stands out from the rest. The company boasts of one of the best, most effective ice melt product varieties composed of seven products with unique formulas.

North Rock Minerals is also among the few large-scale calcium chloride pellets & flakes producers attributable to strategic partnerships. You can get all ice melt products in bulk anywhere in the US.

The company also boasts of a world-class production facility and strategically located warehouses guaranteeing product availability throughout the coldest winter season. The products are also unique in their formulation. NorthRock uses innovative technology to manufacture ice melts that stand out in effectiveness and durability.

What’s more, the price is great despite offering high-quality products that melt snow/ice and prevent re-freezing over a longer time when compared to competing products. 

NorthRock Minerals stands out for using the best raw materials, following industry best practices, maintaining adequate supply inventory, supplying ice melt products efficiently and punctually nationwide, and providing the best ice melt prices. Most importantly, you can get environmentally friendly or “green” ice melt safe for pets and plants, ice melt that works in the lowest temperatures, and more!

The company is undoubtedly among the best salt companies in the USA for ice melting products. Explore NorthRock Mineral’s product variety NOW! or inquire.