25 years of
experience & trust.

We sell FDA-approved medical supplies

such as

Gloves, Gowns,
Face masks, and more.

Decades of dedication

and established customer loyalty


Experience & trust built for 25 years

We have been selling products and creating engaged relationships over two decades. Our reputation and customer relationships come first and foremost.

At NorthRock Minerals LLC, we understand the changing climate of healthcare and how important it is to have an honest, dependable partner. So we’ve made it our goal to deliver a large selection of items at guaranteed low prices faster than ever before


Specialized laboratory tests
tailored to the patient

FDA-approved Metal Respiratory Hygiene Stations

Metal Respiratory Hygiene Stations Provide Durable Protection for Challenging Environments

FDA-approved Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer help protect your hands from germs, leaving them pure and safe.

Rock Salt

Salt has always been the cheapest ice melter and is certainly not considered to be from the “safer” products.

FDA-approved Gloves, Gowns & Face masks

Masks and gloves can protect you against contact with infectious materials.