Each change of season can bring along its own set of challenges. But, for those who live in colder climates, these challenges are magnified with snow and ice. Driving or walking in these conditions can be dangerous. So, when the weather turns and sidewalks and driveways become icy, it’s critical to use the best ice melts available on the market.

Ice melting products are the key to combating these icy road and sidewalk conditions. They work by first lowering the freezing point of water. The Ice melt granules then attract moisture and form a liquid brine that generates heat and ultimately melt ice.

There are an assortment of ice melting products available with distinct chemical properties that react differently depending on the weather temperature, road surface types and conditions. It’s important to research and determine which product is best for your situation. NorthRock Minerals is America’s premier ice melt manufacturer and offers all types of ice melt products to meet residential and commercial needs

About Us

NorthRock Minerals is one of America’s premium producers of snow and ice removal products. Founded in 1993, NorthRock began as a small redistribution operation focused purely on rock salt. As the years passed we expanded our product line and began to manufacture our own products. We now produce a full line of snow and ice melters.

Located in Central New Jersey, NorthRock maintains a position as a leader in quality and innovation. Our products are the optimal in chemistry, packaging, product performance, and safety.

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  • We boast a strategic partnership with the largest producer of calcium chloride pellets and flake.
  • Our state-of-the-art production facilities are warehouse are strategically located in Northern New Jersey.
  • We provide around the clock availability in-season.
  • We employ innovative technology and new products for a competitive edge.
  • In addition to quality and price, we continue to grow our business by utilitzing the finest raw materials, maintaining ample supply of inventories, and by distributing finished goods in an efficient and timely manner.

Tips For Using Ice Melting Products

  • Pay attention to the weather forecast for any upcoming winter weather advisories or warnings.
  • Confirm you have ice melting products in your possession prior to the onset of any winter storms.
  • Apply ice melting products to your surfaces before snow arrives to help prevent ice from initially forming.
  • If snow has accumulated on the ground, it’s best to clear snow away from your surfaces, prior to spreading any ice melting products.
  • Avoid spreading standard ice melting products on plants or concrete to limit any potential damage.
  • Wear gloves if spreading an ice melting product by hand since some ingredients can irritate your skin.

Our Company

NorthRock Seasonal Products manufacturers and distributes a full line of packaged and bulk ice melting products. Our warehouse allows us to carry one of the largest packaged inventories in the Northeast enabling us to offer our customers a consistent supply of products. Our product line encompasses traditional ice melters, ice melt blends, green environmentally friendly ice melters and a full line of snow removal products.

Our Goal

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal which is why we are constantly expanding and upgrading our product line availability based on customer feedback. We also provide around the clock availability during the winter season. Our customer base includes large retail outlets, wholesale clubs, supermarkets and discounted chain stores. It is no wonder that we continue to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. It’s simple; we are good at what we do.


NorthRock Minerals is a premier ice melt manufacturer with a unique assortment of snow and ice removal products. With 28 years of ice melting experience, NorthRock Minerals has grown from a small redistribution center with rock salt as its one and only product to a vastly expanded product line to help suit any consumer’s ice melting desires. With its state of the art production facilities, quality products and services, affordable prices, and a non stop goal to develop new and innovative products, NorthRock Minerals should be your primary ice melter manufacturer of choice when it comes to all your ice melting needs.

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To visit our plant or for general information regarding our manufacturing facilities please call 844-423-6952.

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