Ice Melt Distributors

Ice Melt Distributors


Overview: Ice Melt Distributors 

You need ice melt or a deicer to prevent the accumulation of snow/ice on your driveway, pavements, and other areas of your home during winter. Ice melt works by lowering the water’s freezing point. Some ice melt also works by breaking bonds between ice and surfaces (pavements and concrete), making it easy to remove ice and stop future build-up. However, there are many types of ice melt that vary in effectiveness. To get the best ice melt in the U.S., you need to identify reputable ice melt distributors. 

How to Select the Best Ice Melt, Distributors 

There are many factors to consider before you choose an ice melt distributor in the U.S. The most notable include;

I. Access to High-Quality Raw Materials

You should only consider ice melt distributors who have demonstrated their ability to source the best raw materials. This tip applies mostly if the ice melt distributor in question makes their own ice melt. While ice melt is made using several things, the main raw material is salt and flake. 

The best, most effective ice melt is usually composed of salts like calcium chloride. Your ice melt manufacturer and distributor should have access to highly concentrated calcium chloride (calcium chloride flake), which is usually 83 to 87% calcium chloride and over 10% more concentrated than imported or conventional flake products.

Most reputable ice melt distributors that make their own ice melt establish strategic partnerships with large calcium chloride producers. Focus on such partnerships as this is a sign that they have the capacity to make and distribute high-quality ice melt.

II. State-of-the-Art Production and Storage Facilities Countrywide

To run a successful nationwide ice melt production and distribution center, you must make the necessary investments. The best, most efficient deicer distributors have manufacturing facilities and warehouses located strategically to allow smooth distribution throughout the U.S. Before choosing a preferred distributor, check their production and storage facilities to access their capacity. Their investment should match the claims and capabilities. 

III. Guaranteed Ice Melt Availability

Does your preferred ice melt distributor guarantee they will have ice melt when you need it? Reliability is an important metric when gauging any distributor. When it comes to ice melt, you need a distributor that guarantees around-the-clock availability during the entire cold season. 

Reliable ice melt manufacturers and distributors issue certain guarantees. They go overboard to communicate and demonstrate their capacity. Customer reviews can also offer great insights. If past ice melt distributor reviews show that customers have frequently run out of ice melt, you should consider more reliable distributors.

IV. Innovation and Great Product Variety

Lastly, you need ice melt distributors who offer a great product variety. As mentioned, there are many types of ice melt, most of which are great for different purposes. For instance, there are deicers for certain surfaces i.e., ice melt for concrete surfaces, environmental-friendly ice melt that doesn’t harm vegetation, pet-friendly ice melt, etc. 

Choose a distributor and/or manufacturer that has a great product variety that meets your needs. Multiple ice melt products show that the company is innovative and constantly searching for ways of offering better products.

While there are more reputable ice melt distributors, the above tips are bound to help you identify great U.S. ice melt companies.

Why Should You Buy Ice Melt from Reputable Ice Melt Distributors? 

A quick online search on ice melt distributors in the U.S. will reveal multiple players. However, most of these companies aren’t reputable. There are reasons why you should take your time and buy ice melt from reputable distributors only. Here’s why;

a. Guaranteed Safety

Ice melt is largely salt which can be harmful to surfaces, vegetation, and people. Reputable ice melt companies make and distribute products after vigorous research and development. Ice melt products from reputable companies undergo serious testing before being released to the market. If you use and store the product as directed, you can be assured of its safety.

Most new ice melt brands don’t offer such guarantees. They are formulated with little to no research and may contain harmful additives to make them more effective at melting ice/snow. However, such ice melt is bound to damage our driveways and lawns and possibly poison our water. Before you settle for the cheapest unknown ice melt brand, think about the safety risks.

b. Cost Benefits

Some of the people that avoid renowned ice melt distributors do so because they associate them with costly ice melt brands. However, the best quality ice melt isn’t as costly as you would think. Instead of worrying about the initial price, you should focus on how much ice melt you’ll need and how long it will last. 

High-quality ice melt tends to last longer. It is effective in small quantities eliminating the need to apply excessively. Low-quality ice melt must be used excessively to offer the same results. You are therefore bound to spend less over time buying high-quality ice melt from reputable ice melt suppliers.

c. Supply Guarantees

As mentioned, reputable ice melt distributors don’t run out of ice melt. They offer supply guarantees adjusting inventory based on demand. While it’s always advisable to get as much ice melt as needed for the entire season before winter begins, you can depend on a reputable supplier to have your favorite ice melt brand when you need it the most.

d. Product Variety

There’s no single ice melt that works perfectly for every situation. There is ice melt meant for certain surfaces and ice melt formulated for use if you have pets and vegetation. Some ice melt also works better than others in lower temperatures. Reputable ice melt suppliers understand this, which is why they stock many great ice melt brands to suit all the unique needs of their clients. 

As mentioned, you can’t miss the most effective ice melt brands in the U.S. from a reputable supplier’s product offering. Most importantly, you don’t need any other company to meet all your deicing needs.

Leading Ice Melt Distributor in the US: About North Rock Minerals

30-years’ Experience: NorthRock Minerals meets the above criteria of a reputable ice melt distributor. First and foremost, the company dates back to 1993. North Rock isn’t a new ice melt manufacturer and distributor looking to cash in on a popular product. The three decades of experience put the company ahead of most competitors in the US ice melt market and beyond.

Strategic Partnerships: NorthRock also meets other important requirements of a reputable ice melt supplier. The company has a partnership agreement with the largest calcium chloride pellets & flake producer. This partnership ensures North Rock has an ample supply of the most important ice melt raw materials.

Nationwide Distribution Capabilities: North Rock has state-of-the-art ice melt production facilities and warehouses strategically situated in New Jersey. From NJ, NorthRock is able to distribute ice melt and other de-icing products to all states in the U.S. and beyond. What’s more, NorthRock guarantees the availability of all its products throughout winter. It is among the few reputable bulk ice melt distributors. 

Searching for an ice melt distributor near me? Think North Rock Minerals!

Investment in Innovation and Product Variety: North Rock has made serious investments over the past three decades to create some of the best ice melt brands today. These investments are largely the reason why the company is a leader in ice melt quality and innovation. NorthRock products stand out in chemistry, ice melting performance, packaging, and safety. 

Currently, the company boasts of seven ice melt brands, namely; 

  • Pellets of Fire (calcium chloride pellets): Made to work in extremely low temperatures (as low as –25 degrees) without adverse reactions to surfaces.
  • Halite Rock Salt: This rock salt brand is cost-effective and popular for de-icing highways, driveways, and city streets.
  • Keep-It-Green Snow and Ice Melter: NorthRock formulated this ice/snow melt to safely melt ice without destroying vegetation.
  • Wicked Snow and Ice Melter: This ice melt will work at temperatures up to –15 degrees.
  • CMA: NorthRock has Calcium Magnesium Acetate (composed of acetic acid and lime). This proprietary ice melt is non-toxic, pet-friendly, and biodegradable, making it a perfect rock salt alternative. CMA is popular for large-scale ice melt applications.
  • Frosty’s Nightmare: This ice melt offers rapid driveway and pavement deicing attributed to its unique formulation of potassium chloride, rock salt, and urea ice melt mix.
  • Blue Heat: This product works at extremely low temperatures (-25 degrees). Most importantly, it has a slight blue tint that helps consumers know if the ice melt has been applied to an area.

Most importantly, North Rock is continually growing its business and product variety by treating innovation as an ongoing process and committing to improving products and creating even better ice melt.

FAQs About Ice Melt Distributors 

1. Should I buy Ice Melt in Bulk from Ice Melt Distributors?

Yes! Provided you have identified an ice melt supplier who stocks high-quality ice melt, you can buy ice melt in pellets. It’s actually advisable to buy enough ice melt to last you throughout winter for several reasons. One, you are assured you won’t run out of the product mid-season. Two, you can consistently use the brand of your choice throughout. In colder seasons, some ice melt brands run out faster than others. To avoid changing a brand mid-season, it’s advisable to buy enough. Bulk purchases also offer cost benefits like discounts.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Buy Ice Melt from Ice Melt Distributors?

It depends! Ice melt prices can vary from $13-$25 per 50 lbs. bag. The price variation depends on factors like brand, where you buy, and how much you buy. It’s cheaper to buy ice melt in bulk directly from distributors who actually manufacture the ice melt because you’ll avoid middlemen who are known to increase the price of products. 

Cost benefits aside, you are assured of product quality. Some middlemen may have lower prices since they are selling counterfeit ice melt.

3. What is Ice Melt Made Of?

Most ice melt brands are blends containing several ingredients. However, the dominant ingredient is salt. Salts like sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride are the most common and dominant ingredients in ice melt today.

The best ice melts have added ingredients that are usually secret and the reason behind the superior performance. What’s more, the purpose of an ice melt usually dictates the ingredients. For instance, pet-safe ice melt will contain different ingredients than ice melt that doesn’t consider pet safety.

4. What’s the Best Ice Melt to Use?

The best ice melt should be safe for your surface, pets, and vegetation. However, you may not need pet-friendly ice melt if you/your neighborhood doesn’t have pets. What’s more, you don’t need ice melt that works during extremely low temperatures if you live in an area where winter months aren’t extreme. In a nutshell, the best ice melts are those that work perfectly for you. If you have a lawn to protect, the best product should be vegetation friendly. 

5. How Should I Store Ice Melt Bought in Bulk?

Once you find reputable ice melt distributors and buy ice melt in pellets or bulk, you need to be familiar with proper ice melt storage. Generally, reputable products will come with clear instructions on how to use and store leftover ice melt. Follow these instructions carefully. 

Generally, ice melt should be stored away from children and pets. It should also be in a dry place free of high humidity. Ice melt which is generally salt will tend to absorb high humidity and form lumps reducing its effectiveness. Humidity can also alter its chemical composition and reduce performance.

Ice melt should also be kept away from direct sunlight for the same reasons – heat can change the chemical composition. Lastly, leftover ice melt should be put in an airtight container. If you follow these storage directives, your leftover ice melt can last to the next season.

6. How Much Ice Melt Should I Use?

It depends. As mentioned above, you need very little high-quality ice melt to get great results. If you get your product/s from reputable ice melt distributors, you will get products with clear instructions, including how much you should use.