Does Pre Salting Work?

Does Pre Salting Work?

Does Pre Salting Work?

Does Pre Salting Work?


The key to ice removal is efficiency. Pre-salting your icy sidewalks can help you avoid unnecessary sidewalk damage and make it easier for pedestrians to walk on the surface. This blog post will explore how pre salting works, why it’s important, and provide some helpful tips that will leave you with a safe walkway this winter.


Why Do Pre-salting?


You might want to consider pre salting because it’s considered much more efficient than simply salting the sidewalk after it is hit with ice.


Pre-salting reduces the amount of time you need to spend shoveling and will help prevent damage caused by too many people walking on already-icy surfaces.


What Should I Consider?


Salt is an effective ice remover, but not all salts are created equal.

It’s important to consider where you’re using the salt and what kind of surface your sidewalk is made out of before applying it.


Some salts will damage or discolor wooden walkways or decks. Make sure that whatever product you choose is compatible with your environment first, then take some time to figure out how much treatment each area needs to be based on their size/shape/traffic volume. You’ll find that pre-salting is the most efficient way to achieve your goal of a safe winter.


How Does Pre salting Work?


Pre-salting is done by spreading rock salt or another type of deicing agent onto surfaces in advance, allowing it to dissolve into puddles and form a layer that will keep ice at bay when temperatures drop.


What Types Of Deicers Can I Use For My Sidewalk?


You should use rock salt if possible, but other types can be used as well, such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and urea. Be sure to consider the size of your sidewalk and how much traffic it gets before you decide which type to use.


How Much Salt Is Enough?


It’s important to figure out how much salt each area needs because too little can lead to inefficiencies, while too much will take an unnecessary toll on the environment.


You should generally apply between 30-50 pounds per 1000 square feet of surface area for optimal ice removal.


Pre Salting Tips


When pre salting your icy walkways, an important thing to remember is that this process should begin well before a storm hits. The goal of pre salting for ice removal is preventing an unsuitable surface from becoming even worse, which means applying sodium chloride at least 24 hours ahead of expected snowfall or freezing rain. If possible, you should start pre salting at least 48 hours in advance.


You can also try using calcium chloride since it doesn’t require as much time to dissolve into the puddle and is effective when temperatures are colder than -20 degrees Fahrenheit.


Why Use Our Products For Pre-Salting?


At NorthRock Minerals, we stand out from the competition because of our commitment to quality and sustainability.


Our deicers can be used on wooden walkways without damage or discoloration, making them ideal for residential properties.


Our commitment to excellence shows in every step of the way from product development, production, and distribution. Our products are sourced from eco-friendly mines right here in North America with guaranteed purity levels to help ensure they’ll work efficiently when you need them most. In addition, all of our rock salt is tested and certified to NSF-P160 standards.


We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, which is why we’re the preferred supplier for pre salting by contractors and government agencies alike.


We offer free consultation and product samples to help you figure out which deicer is best for your sidewalk maintenance needs.


All of our products are available in bulk or bagged options, making it easy to get exactly what you need quickly.


Does Pre Salting Work?