How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?


What do you do with unused ice melts? They are expensive, so it’s important to store them properly. You can’t just throw them in the garage or on the sidewalk outside your home. If you have storage space for things like this, great. But if not, there are other options out there for storing your ice melts.


Storage Ideas for Unused Ice Melts


Store away from air and moisture


You don’t want to store your ice melts in an area where there is a lot of moisture. If you do, they will start to melt, and it could be hard to get them back into their original shape. You also want to avoid air because the heat from outside can cause melting when left out in the open.


Stash in a bin with a lid


A good option for storing ice melt is to put them inside an old plastic storage container. Make sure that the lid seals tightly and it’s easy enough to get into when you need your ice to melt. You could also use this type of bin if you want something on display so people can see what you have stored away. Just make sure they are sealed up tight after every time you’ve used some of the melt.


Store away from direct sunlight


Sunlight can heat up your ice melts and make them melt faster. Instead, find an area where the sun doesn’t shine as much during the day, such as a shed or garage.


Hanging storage bag with a seal


Using a hanging storage bag is another good way to store away ice melts that you don’t need for a while. It’s similar to using a bin, but it can be hung on your doorknob, so there is less mess when people walk through and all of the melt falls onto the ground instead of into other things like shoes or socks.


You could also use this type of container for smaller bags of ice melts that are easy to grab whenever you want one without having to open up anything else in your home first. Just remember to keep it sealed tight after each time you use some of the melt.


Store in the garage or shed


If you have a space for ice melts, this is probably the best option because it keeps them out of sight and away from any other potential melting threats like heat coming inside through an open window. It also keeps them safe from critters looking to make a meal out of your expensive ice melts.


Just remember that if you are going to store these outdoors, be sure to bring them back into your home during warm weather so they don’t get ruined by rain or snowfall that could cause freezing later on down the road when temperatures drop again outside.


Store away from pets and children


Ice melt can be very dangerous for animals and children if they get a hold of it. It can be very poisonous to them, so you want to make sure that your pets and kids stay away from any ice melts in storage around your home.


Make sure the storage room is humidity-controlled


As noted earlier, moisture can cause ice melts to melt and warp. So it’s important that any storage room you use for your unused ice melts has proper humidity control in place.


Store away from heat sources like lamps or appliances


Just like sunlight, heat coming from other objects inside of the storage area can make your ice melts start melting faster than they should be. So avoid putting them near lamps or other appliances that could cause this to happen.


Hopefully, with these tips, it won’t be difficult for you to safely store your ice melt. 

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?