Buy Salt in Bulk for Deicing in the US

Buy Salt in Bulk for Deicing in the US

Overview: How Snow/Ice Melt Works

Traditional solutions for melting ice/snow aren’t effective during severe winter seasons where sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, roads, etc., are covered by snow. De-icing salts are great for ensuring snow doesn’t accumulate in such areas. The salts are formulated to lower water’s melting point, preventing ice formation in the process. They attract moisture and form brine which generates heat, melting ice in the process.

The best de-icing salts (or snow melters) are 100% effective and safe. They are largely made of a salt formulation that doesn’t harm plants or surfaces. Their formulation depends on their application. For instance, there are de-icing products specifically designed for a specific temperature, road type, road surface, conditions, etc. 

Once you find the perfect product for you i.e., such as those by North Rock Minerals, it is advisable to have enough to avoid running out before the winter season is over. There are many pros on what you stand to gain if you buy salt in bulk. The most notable include;

Benefits of Buying Salt in Bulk 

Cost Saving

The most notable advantage of buying rock salt for de-icing in bulk is the savings you are bound to enjoy. Like most purchases, it is always cheaper to buy in bulk. This applies in almost all cases regardless of factors like the brand or type of product you are buying. The reason behind this is simple. 

It is cheaper to manufacture things in bulk. As a result, manufacturers are more willing to discount goods bought in bulk because they will still make a good profit. To enjoy the best cost savings, consider buying salt by the pallet instead of buying individual bags. 

Avoid Shortages

If you go to buy rock salt or de-icing products when the snow has started falling, you are already. The sight of snow triggers panic buying. The same applies to attempting to buy more salt in the middle of winter. If there are weather reports indicating there will be snowstorms, people tend to buy deicing products more than in typical snow conditions.

Buying early and in bulk ensures you avoid running out of salt when you need it the most. What’s more, you stand to avoid artificial price hikes because the demand for rock salt outweighs the supply. 


It’s Safer

If you run out of rock salt or other de-icing products in the middle of winter, you may be forced to cope with extreme elements. Driveways and sidewalks that are packed with snow pose serious safety risks. Buying salt in bulk ensures there’s always adequate snow melting at any given time, eliminating the need to pass through slippery snow-packed driveways and sidewalks.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

It’s not enough to apply rock salt or a de-icing product on your driveway or sidewalk. You need to use the product as directed by the manufacturer. However, most people who don’t buy salt in bulk end up using very little product that doesn’t get the job done effectively.  

You may also be forced to leave out certain areas resulting in incomplete or inconsistent de-icing. Buying rock salt in bulk ensures you have enough product throughout the season to keep ice/snow off your driveway, sidewalks, and other areas of interest. 


How Do You Store Salt in Bulk? 

Is the Salt High-quality?

Many factors dictate how you should store de-icing products, ice melt, snowmelt, or road salt composed largely of salt. For instance, the quality of salt in question matters. The best quality salt for de-icing) – dry road salt usually has a longer shelf-life and is capable of lasting for years when stored properly. Other types have a shorter shelf-life even when they are stored properly. So, before you think about storage, make sure you buy high-quality salt first.

Store in a Dry Area

When you buy salt in bulk, it should be stored in a dry area. What’s more, it should be covered to avoid exposure to humidity (moisture in the air) as well as other sources of moisture such as rain or snow. Assuming you have a sizable garage, cover the salt and ensure there are no leaks from gutters, garage doors, etc., that can introduce moisture into the salt. This tip is crucial, especially when storing road salt that can corrode surfaces when moist. 

Store as Directed 

Some manufacturers may have special storage instructions. In such cases, follow these instructions to the letter. In some scenarios i.e., when you can’t guarantee the area is dry and moisture-free, you may need to get large storage containers. 

Some manufacturers also deliver bulk salt ready for storage i.e., one large order packed in many smaller quantities that can be used as the need arises. Leftover salt should be kept in airtight containers to prevent moisture from seeping through and forming salt clumps.

How Do You Store Unused Ice Melts?

Control Temperature if Possible

If you buy salt in bulk that needs to be stored over a prolonged period, small amounts of moisture can cause severe clumping over time. When this happens, the salt can become unusable since it lacks the traction to spread over large areas and melt ice. 

As a result, you may want to store the remaining salt in a temperature-controlled environment i.e., inside a drawer or other storage space in the garage where moisture is least likely to reach the salt. Generally, salt that is stored in a cool, dry place with minimal humidity will last to the next season in perfect condition. 

Store Away from Pets and Children

Last and most importantly, salt should be kept away from children’s reach. This applies mostly to rock salt or road salt, which is highly corrosive. While there are ice melters which are safe for the environment and pets, this shouldn’t be mistaken to mean that pets or children should be allowed to access the salt. 

De-icing products made of salt can cause symptoms like skin irritation or mild rashes. Ingestion can cause severe reactions ranging from mouth irritation to throat, stomach, and bowel irritation or complications. For this reason, the salt should be stored in a lockable area or top storage. 

Tips for Buying Rock Salt in Bulk 

What considerations should you make before you buy salt in bulk for de-icing?

Buy High-quality Brands Only!


The quality of the de-icing product you purchase will determine how well you keep snow/ice from forming on your driveway or sidewalk. Given the abundance of de-icing products in the market during winter, you should focus on tested and proven brands only. North Rock Minerals is an example of a reputable US brand that has been making high-quality rock salt and other de-icing products since 1993. 

You should avoid new cheap brands that are just focused on selling. Such brands may appear affordable but may attract many cons ranging from ineffectiveness to safety concerns. For instance, there’s no need to buy cheap rock salt that you must use excessively to melt snow. In fact, such products end up costing more.

Consider Grain Size vs Reason for Application

Grain size is another important consideration when you buy salt in bulk for de-icing. Fine-grain salt works faster. However, the salt tends to be used up faster. Coarse grain salt works slowly but lasts longer. If your goal is preventing ice from forming, coarse grain salt may be a better solution, especially when put ahead of time. Fine-grain salt is effective for getting rid of ice/snow that has already accumulated/formed. What’s more, both types can be used to optimize results.

Should You Salt Your Driveway Before It Snows?

Consider Moisture Levels

All salt has some moisture in it. The best type has a very low moisture content. When buying in bulk, low moisture salt is perfect for storage and ready for use at all times. Seasoned manufacturers take several measures to ensure they sell dry salt with little to no moisture. They also include an anticaking agent that prevents caking and crusting. If the moisture is too high, the anticaking agent won’t prevent clumping effectively. 

Consider Ingredients/Composition

The ingredients that make up de-icing products dictate many factors, including efficiency and safety. Purity is an important factor when determining the melting capacity of de-icing products. You should focus on the salt levels (sodium chloride or NaCl). A higher salt composition translates to greater purity, less residue (dirt, sand, etc.), and more salt melting action.

Most deicing products will be composed of sea salt, rock salt, or vacuum salt. Vacuum salt is 99.5% sodium chloride. It also has smaller grain sizes, translating to faster ice/snow melting. However, the salt can be carried away easily by wind. Sea salt and rock salt have slightly less salt (95% to 99%). However, they have slightly larger grains which makes them last longer.

You should also confirm if there are other additives and if they are safe for the environment, pets, and your surfaces. 


Buy Before Winter

Lastly, you should buy salt in bulk before snowfall to ensure you get as much as you want at the best prices. If you run out of de-icing products in the middle of winter, you are bound to face many problems, from shortages to high pricing. Bulk salt prices naturally rise when there is a shortage. You’ll also get the best quality ice melt if you buy early since such products are sold out quickly. 

FAQs About Buying Salt in Bulk for De-icing 

I. How Many Bags of Salt Do I Need for My Driveway? 

Before you buy salt in bulk for de-icing, find out how much salt you need. The size of the application area usually dictates the quantity. Generally, 4 lbs. of salt is enough for every 100-square foot surface. 

A typical parking lot measuring approximately 800-sq/ft will require 4 pounds of salt to be covered effectively. This translates to approximately one 40-pound bag. However, you may require more/less depending on the brand in question. The best brands will let you know exactly how much ice melt you should use. 

Important: Using too much salt doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll melt snow/ice faster or get a better result. If you can see the salt, you have used too much in many cases. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply the right amount.

II. Why Should You Buy Salt in Bulk?

As mentioned above, you stand to save money, avoid shortages, and get the best salt brand in the market in whatever quantity you want. It’s also safer to buy in bulk since your driveway and sidewalk will be free of ice at all times, reducing risks such as slipping and falling.

III. Best Place to Buy Salt in Bulk in the US?

North Rock Minerals. Why? As mentioned above, the company has been around since 1993. When you buy NorthRock Minerals, you are buying products that have benefited from almost two decades of research and testing. 

NorthRock Minerals also offers the best mix of price and quality. Since the manufacturer is the largest calcium chloride pellet and flax producer, customers benefit from economies of scale. The manufacturer’s strategic partnerships enable affordable sourcing of raw materials, which translates to cheaper finished products.

North Rock also boasts of unmatched innovation. Years of investment in innovative technology and newer and better products give the manufacturer an edge over competitors. Most importantly, NorthRock Minerals doesn’t run out of products when you need them. Ample inventory supply and an efficient distribution network ensure NorthRock de-icing products are available in time.

IV. Do I have to Buy Salt in Bulk? Can I Make My Own Ice Melt?

No. You can buy de-icing products in any quantity you desire. However, it makes sense to buy in bulk. As mentioned above, you save money, avoid shortages, and enjoy other notable benefits. 

While making your own ice melt at home is possible with ingredients that melt ice (such as table salt, sugar, and rubbing alcohol), it is not advisable to do so, given the cost implication. Homemade ice melt is usually more expensive and ineffective when compared to buying known ice melt brands. Homemade ice melt can also harm your pet, plants, and grass. 

Buy salt in bulk from reputable ice melt and de-icing product manufacturers like North Rock Minerals and enjoy an efficient solution with no risk.