Wicked Snow & Ice Melter Review

Wicked Snow & Ice Melter Review

Wicked Snow & Ice Melter Review

Wicked Snow & Ice Melter Review

If you are searching for a snow and ice melter ideal for both residential and commercial applications, Wicked Snow and Ice Melter may be the ice melter for you. The ice melter is a mid-to-high grade with added calcium to kick-start ice/snow melting in dry cold weather. 

Wicked Snow and Ice Melter is already popular for many things ranging from its safety on plants (because of added CMA) to safety on surfaces like concrete and effectiveness at low temperatures. 

How Wicked Snow and Ice Melter Works

The ice melter draws moisture from its environment. With ingredients like added calcium, the ice melter kick-starts the ice melting process almost immediately, even in cold dry conditions. Wicked Snow & Ice melter works at temperatures as low as –15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Other notable aspects include a patented blue tint that shows you where the product is already applied. This feature eliminates over-application, which in turn offers cost-saving benefits.

Main Product Highlights: What are the Benefits of Wicked Snow and Ice Melter?

What are the benefits of Wicked Snow & Ice melter? Why does the ice melter stand out?

Quality: The ice melt is made of pure CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) pellets which are proven to be more effective than regular rock salt, urea, or potassium chloride. Wicked Snow & Ice melter has also been formulated to leave ZERO residue. 

Ease of use: The product comes in user-friendly packaging that makes it easy to apply and store the product. 

The ice melter will begin working on contact in low temperatures. To avoid over-application, the product has a blue tint that forms after application. What’s more, the ice melter has been designed to work in cold and dry weather.

Safety: The product is safe for pets. Also, the formulation won’t harm vegetation (plants and grass) or damage surfaces like concrete. CMA is biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment, pets, plants, metal, and concrete while still being effective in melting ice.

Working temperature: Works in temperatures as low as –15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Universal application: Wicked Snow has been designed to work on sidewalks, driveways, steps, stairs, pathways, patios, and many other places that tend to accumulate snow/ice.

Shelf-life: Wicked Snow ice melter has prolonged shelf life. This product will last well in storage and doesn’t lose its effectiveness even when it is exposed to air.

Available in a variety of packages: You can buy Wicked Snow and Ice Melter in a 20-lbs, or 50 lbs bag. The ice melter is also sold in a 50-lbs bucket. Different sizes allow for flexible application, transportation, and storage. 

Made in America by a renowned ice and snow melting manufacturer: Wicked snow and Ice Melter is manufactured by NorthRock Minerals – a company that has been making premium American products for snow and ice removal since 1993. 

North Rock has strategic partnerships with the biggest producer of calcium chloride pellets. The company has also invested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New Jersey that ensures a constant supply of high-quality products. Unlike other ice and snow removal product manufacturers, NorthRock has what it takes to develop the highest-quality products. 


Wicked snow and Ice Melter has a high-quality formulation composed of ingredients like pure CMA proven to be more effective than rock salt and comes with other notable benefits like ZERO residue. 

The ice melter is also easy to use with unique features like a blue hint that prevents over-application. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about harming your plants, grass, pets, or driveway. The ice melter is tested and proven to be safe. The working temperature is also ideal at –15 degrees Fahrenheit, and you don’t have to worry about storage since the ice melt isn’t affected by exposure to air. 

Wicked Snow & Ice Melter reviews online are also overwhelmingly positive. Almost everyone who has bought and uses the product loves it. Keep ice and snow from forming this winter using a tried and tested ice melter – Wicked Snow and Ice Melter.

Wicked Snow & Ice Melter Review