Tips To Melt Ice Faster

Tips To Melt Ice Faster

Tips To Melt Ice Faster

Tips To Melt Ice Faster


When you are looking for a way to help melt ice faster, there are many things that you can do. You could use sand or salt and then wait around for the sun to come out. This might work if it is not too cold outside. However, in most cases, these will not be enough to get rid of all the ice on your driveway or sidewalk quickly. In this blog post, we will provide six tips that may be useful when trying to melt ice faster.


6 Tips to Melt Ice Faster

Use a Top-quality Ice Melt

Getting a good-quality ice melt is a good idea. This will help make the ice go away faster and not cause any damage to your sidewalk or driveway. At NorthRock Minerals, we produce a variety of ice melters, including rock salt and magnesium chloride.


Use Rock Salt

Rock salt is one of the best for melting ice quickly. It has been used for centuries in order to keep people safe on icy surfaces. Not only does it work well around walkways or driveways, but pedestrians can also use this type of ice melt if they are trying to get from point A to point B without slipping and falling onto the ground. The key when using rock salt is making sure that you apply a good layer so that all parts will be covered with the substance as soon as possible.


Lighting a Fire

If you are using salt as an ice breaker, lighting a fire in front of it can aid in melting the snow much quicker than just letting the sun do its job. Get some dry leaves from nearby trees and place them near where you want to light the fire, then add some kindling like small twigs on top of that before igniting it with a lighter or matches. You can also try placing this under your vehicle tires so they don’t get stuck while driving over icy surfaces during wintertime if possible.


Mix salt and water together in a bucket, then pour it on the ice 

While this may sound like a strange way to help melt ice faster, it is actually one of the most effective. The water will cause an instant change in temperature, and between that and the salt, you may find yourself with less ice on your driveway or sidewalk than what was there before.


Use Ice Scrapers

These are specifically made for removing snow from walkways and driveways without them freezing over again. They can be found at hardware stores near other snow removal supplies like shovels as well but make sure that they are durable enough to handle scraping up large amounts of ice, or they won’t last very long when trying to break down all of this frozen substance either. 


Use a Hot Water Sprayer

If you have an attachment on the end of your hose that is compatible with hot water, this can be used as well and help break down the ice before it has time to freeze back over again. The problem will come when trying to find out where there’s no snow or slush in order for this method to work properly, but if you happen to live close enough, then this could be worth giving a try at least once.


Final Thoughts

There are various ways to melt ice faster. However, the best would be getting a good-quality ice melt from a trusted brand. NorthRock Minerals is a trusted brand that has been producing this substance for decades. Find out more about our ice melters and what we have available in the online store here.

Tips To Melt Ice Faster