Pellets of Fire - The Ultimate Ice Melt Review

Pellets of Fire – The Ultimate Ice Melt Review

Pellets of Fire – The Ultimate Ice Melt Review

Pellets of Fire - The Ultimate Ice Melt Review

There are many ice melt brands on sale today in the US. However, one brand stands out – Pellets of Fire. The ice melt comes in three main forms i.e., in a 50-pound bag, 9-pound jug, and 2400-pounds pallets for large-scale use. 

All Pellets of Fire products are manufactured by NorthRock Minerals, a company that has been in existence since 1993. Here’s important information to help you decide which Pellets of Fire product works for you.

Pellets of Fire Review

If you want an ice melter in bulk, consider the 2400-pound pallet bags. This bulk supply comes highly recommended on Amazon  (4.5/5-stars). People who have bought Pellets of Fire in bulk love the value for money, portion size, value for money, usability, and effectiveness of the ice melt. The ice melt comes in 48×50 bags.  

The ice melt also comes in other sizes as mentioned above. Regardless of the quantity of product you buy, the composition is the same and so are the benefits. 

Main Pros

Superior melting: The ice melt is fast and effective for melting ice on pavements, driveways, sidewalks, and other road surfaces as soon as it is applied. The ice melt works at –25 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Most importantly, it starts working immediately on contact attributable to its main ingredient – purified calcium chloride, which is tested and proven effective ice melter. 

Safe for plants and surfaces. No stains/damage: Pellets of Fire won’t stain rugs, floors, and rugs or damage bricks, stone, or concrete surfaces. The ice melt has also been proven to be safe for plants. The pellets won’t harm concrete, wood, grass, or metal.

Effective in lesser quantities: When compared to other ice melt brands, you need fewer pellets to get the job done. The ice melt starts working on contact and features powerful heat distribution resulting in a small number of pellets doing more.

Made in America by a renowned ice melt manufacturer: Pellets of Fire is 100% made in America – a country with strict quality controls. You rest assured of quality, unlike with other cheap ice melt imports.

Pellets of Fires is by NorthRock Minerals, a leading premium manufacturer of ice and snow removal products. The company was established in 1993, making it one of the oldest ice melt manufacturers in the US. NorthRock Minerals has an extensive product line. The company’s constant investment in R&D and technology enables the production of products like Pellets of Fire that are optimal in chemistry, performance, safety, and packaging.

Unlike other ice melt manufacturers today, NorthRock Minerals has established strategic partnerships with the largest calcium chloride pellets, invested in a state-of-the-art ice melt production facility strategically located in New Jersey.

NorthRock Minerals isn’t a new ice melt maker looking to cash in on a lucrative product. The company’s long presence in the industry, strategic partnerships, and investment in research enables the production of high-quality products at great prices. Most importantly, supply is guaranteed! Consumers can find Pellets of Fire when they most need it.

Available in many sizes: You can buy Pellets of Fire in a 9-lbs jug, 20-lbs bag, 50-lbs bag & 50-lbs pail. If you don’t need bags of ice melt, the 9-pound jug will come in handy. While the contents are the same (pure calcium chloride), the jug comes with convenience. You can carry your ice melt around for quick application during severe weather conditions. 

Since Pellets of Fire products are safe for plants, animals, and road surfaces, you don’t have to worry about corrosion or toxicity on the go. The 50-lbs Pellets of Fire is for those who want considerably more ice melt for typical applications like clearing ice on driveways, pathways, sidewalks, sets, and stairs.


If you want to buy a high-quality ice melt for home or commercial use in whatever quantity (bulk or 9-lbs), consider Pellets of Fire. Besides getting unmatched value for money because you are buying in bulk, you’ll also get enough ice melt for large-scale applications. 

What’s more, the ice melt starts working immediately on contact attributable to a powerful formulation that gives the pellets powerful heat distribution. What’s more, the ice melt works at very low temperatures, and it is safe for your driveway, grass, car, pets, and garden plants.


Pellets of Fire – The Ultimate Ice Melt Review